Release Notes: Lite

Coordinate Enhancements

In the Autumn release we introduced Coordinates into our application, for this release we have made a number of improvements which have been listed below. If you would like to activate coordinates on your test or live application please contact your account manager. 

Exposing Coordinates 

The desktop application has been improved to display coordinates information if they have been set against a site or resource account. Our coordinate service provided by Google will use the address field to generate the coordinates and populate the latitude and longitude fields with the results. If your address has information in all address lines and a postcode the coordinates information will be more accurate but it will still try and generate the values on postcode alone. 


Supplied Coordinates 

If you prefer to supply your own coordinates you can now add the latitude and longitude details to a site or resource using the desktop application.

The edit page for Sites or Resources will have an option to select 'Supplied', this will allow the Latitude and Longitude to be available for edit. You will need to enter coordinates within the UK for the page to accept the values.

If you would like to move the coordinates but are unsure on the exact values you can select the red pin on the map whilst you are in edit mode and move it to the correct location. The coordinates will update automatically for you. 


Coordinates on the Mobile

If you are supplying your own coordinates for sites the details will be sent to the mobile application. This will be a benefit to your users if you're working with non-addressable points. The longitude and latitude will be displayed on the appointment details page and the values will be used when the direction button has been selected. 



GDPR Data Field Guidance

With the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specific 'free text' fields within the desktop and mobile application have been improved to include a warning label. This will provide clear guidance to service users of any obligations and 'good practices' around the storing and management of 'personal data'.

  • Increase awareness of GDPR and general data protection across your mobile workforce
  • Reduce the risk of ‘personal data’ being entered and stored in inappropriate fields.

Below is an example of what the new GDPR label and the pop up containing a brief description. The label will link to our help center which will contain additional information regarding GDPR.



Working Area Management

The addition of the new Working Area functionality will make it easier to setup and manage the area your mobile workforce can work within. Previously postcode coverage was managed by teams and resources individually. Working areas will allow you to specify Areas and Districts as groups and then the group can be used against multiple teams and resources. 

By using working areas you can benefit from the following:

  • Providing you with greater control on where your mobile workforce can operate
  • Easier configuration and ongoing administration
  • Reduced risk and configuration errors
  • Easier onboarding of new resources, teams and expanding operating areas


For more information on how Working Areas can be used please click here 


Team and Resource Improvements

The create, edit and view detail pages for the admin pages used for Team and Resources has been redesigned to improve your use of these pages.

The admin page for resources can now be accessed via the Admin page as well as the normal resource tab under a team. This will reduce the number of required steps to access a particular resource account making it quicker to carry out admin tasks. 

  • Help text has been added to a number of fields to offer guidance about what impact the configuration can have
  • The new working area feature has been added to the working area section for both teams and resources
  • Easier to navigate between pages for the team section using the new left-hand navigation panel
  • A map view has been added to the Resource page to show the home location




Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

ID Application or Service Function Description of Enhancement or Bug Fix Changes to Operational Practices
OSD-7578 Admin - Activities A fix has been introduced to prevent the activity group field on the activity screen from being overridden when you perform a bulk update of activities. Previously it would use the activity group from the first activity in the list and apply it to all of the selected activities. This functionality can be reviewed using the following steps 1. Open the Activities page from the Admin menu 2. Use the tick box down the left-hand side to select multiple activities 3. Click on the edit button 4. Make a change to one of the fields except for activity group and save the changes. The activity groups against the activities should remain the same The activity group for existing appointments will not be altered. If you use the activity bulk update post upgrade it will no longer update the group unless you set a different group during the editing process.
OSD-7841 Auto Appointment Button The Pooled scheduler will have a button called Auto Appointment. This can be used if your job is within the target date to auto select an available slot. A change has been applied to prevent this button being selected multiple times.  The Auto Appointment button will operate in the same way. The change will prevent users clicking on the button multiple times to prevent it creating multiple appointments with 0 activities. 
OSD-7506 Calendar View The Calendar View page will provide a view only display of the scheduler. You will be able to view scheduled appointments for individual resources or team along with any allocated time events. Previously if you hovered over the allocated time records (Eg emergency, sickness or holiday) it would refer to it as Holiday time, this has been modified to show the name of the event so if its Emergency you will now see Emergency in the hover over. At the top of the allocated time event you will now see C, T or R this indicates if the time has been added to the Calendar, Team or Resource level. This is a design change so it will not affect the functionality on this page
OSD-7679 Clone Job The clone job functionality will allow a user to change the selected site before creating the new job. The clone job page will only allow sites to be selected if the Client and Usage Type fields match the values for the existing job. We had an issue where the clone job page didn't return all sites that matched the criteria. The check against Usage Type used the value from the contact record instead of the sites usage type. This has been changed so all sites with the same usage type and client will be available. After the upgrade, you could potentially notice additional sites being returned to the site search box on the clone job page. It will be showing all of the relevant sites that can be used for the cloned job.
OSD-7022 Clone Job Validation has been added to the clone job page when a user submits the form. It will now check if the activities have an active cost for the client, work log type and the current date if the activity cost has expired the validation message will appear at the top of the page to explain what activities have caused the issue. This change will prevent cloned jobs using expired costs which could lead to issues on the job cost tab. The clone job option will be available for all jobs so a user could clone a job that's a couple years old. Activities usually change on a yearly bases so the new validation will alert the user if there is a problem and they can use the cross icon to remove the activity and add in new activities before creating the job.
OSD-7564  Contact Salutation On the create job and create contact pages you will have the option to set a salutation for the contact. This list has been increased to include new options  Existing contacts will keep the current salutations as we will not be updating records during the upgrade. After the upgrade, you will see new options within the drop-down if you need to change the option when you are creating/modifying contacts
OSD-7871  Create Client The create client screen has the option to copy the setup of existing clients for Library Activities and Work Type Mappings. A new option has been created to allow Codings to be copied. This will allow your users to quickly create a new client if you already have a client set up with the same values.  The create new client process doesn't require an existing client to be copied so it will be your decision to use this functionality. If you need to copy an existing client but don't need to copy the coding you can untick the box to prevent this from happening
OSD-7691 Job Activity On the job activity tab you will have the option to bulk update activities, if you use job versioning you will need to open a new version for this option to show. After selecting a couple of activities you will have the option to bulk update Team, Quantity, Completed Quantity, Site Location, Cost Type. We have created two new options within these dropdowns for the Team, Site Location and Cost types. These options are called Keep Existing and Clear. Previously if you used this functionality but you didn't set any values for the drop-down fields all the values within that field would be removed from the job activities. The new option for 'Keep Existing' will be the new default for the dropdowns to prevent information from being removed by accident.  After the upgrade the bulk update option against job activities will default to 'Keep Exiting', the users can change the selection to 'Clear' if they would like to clear the values within the column or select one of the values from the list to update the activities.
OSD-7892 Job Cost - Reverse Against certain job cost entries you will have the option to reverse the job cost which will add another line to the job cost table with a negative value. This functionality has been updated to remove the requirement for the client ref against the job cost entry to be empty. The job cost reverse will not appear against Activity and Labour costs because they need to be managed on the relevant job tabs The functionality the job cost reverse feature provides will remain the same but it will be available against more job cost rows so your users can benefit from the functionality 
OSD-7688 Job History If you are using job versioning you will see events within the job history called 'Version Submitted'. This event will list the activities from the previous version and the job activities on the new version. The process that creates the list has been changed to add the same order by that we use on the Job Activity tab so the activities will appear in the same order. The version submitted events that have already been applied to the job history tab will not be altered but new events created when versions are submitted will have the new activity order by
OSD-7811 Scheduler - Appointment Availability with Allocated Time Types

If you are using working allocated time types with no priorities it failed to calculate the resource availability correctly. Scheduling fixed appointments after the working time caused the appointment to calculate the drive time from the resource home postcode whilst the appointment was dragged onto the scheduler, after dropping the appointment against a resource the drive time would recalculate using the previous appointment address. This has been resolved so working time on the scheduler will now show resource availability correctly when the appointment has been dragged on the fixed schedule.

 This change will affect you if you have been using allocated time types with no priorities. To check your configuration follow these steps. 1. Open the admin menu 2.Click on the Allocated Time Type page 3.Open one of the time types 4. Check if priorities have been assigned when the details are shown in the right-hand panel. 

This change is a fix so your users should now see appointments being scheduled correctly around additional working time events on the scheduler

OSD-7558 Scheduler - Appointment Duration A change has been applied to keep the override duration value during the appointment rescheduling process for the following scenario. 1. Create a Pooled appointment and enter a new duration value, 2. Reschedule the appointment as a Fixed appointment - this will keep the correct duration. 3. Open the Scheduler page, double-click on the appointment and change the type to be pooled 4. Open the Job and on the Resource tab select reschedule against the appointment, previously the appointment would default to the activity duration but now it will keep the same duration that was entered in the override field. The duration of existing appointments will not be altered. New appointments booked or rescheduled post upgrade will maintain any override duration during the rescheduling process instead of defaulting to activity duration 
OSD-7938  Scheduler - Colour for Emergency Slots If you have a team or resource with allocated time against their calendar you would see a different colour of appointment slots on the Pooled scheduler. If the allocated time type doesn't match your job priority you will be required to select the 'Override Priorities' button. By overriding priorities, it will refer to the time as emergency because you are trying to schedule an appointment within a time slot that it wasn't configured for. Previously the slots would change to a green colour but as this is used for the 'Best Fit' slots it could cause some confusion over what slot should be the preferred time. The slots will now change to an orange colour and the key on the scheduler has been updated to show that orange means emergency time The functionality behind the pooled scheduler and scheduling appointments within allocated time events has remained the same. This improvement is a change to the colour the user will see on the pooled scheduler after they have selected the override priorities button.  
OSD-7700 Scheduler - Insufficient Drive Time Colour If an appointment couldn't calculate the correct drive time it will be displayed with a purple outline on the scheduler. The purple line represents insufficient drive time. This could be caused by the Resource not having a postcode set for their home address or a site is missing a postcode. The shade of purple used previously didn't match the purple colour used for the scheduler key. The purple colour has now been updated so appointments will match the key This is a change to a colour used on the scheduler so functionality will not be affected. It will make it easier for users to identify what the colour line on the appointment is representing when they open the key 
OSD-7735 Scheduler - Late Starting Appointment

We have resolved an issue where appointments were not showing the correct duration if the previous appointment was started late. The problem could occur if one appointment was started late by a resource because it caused the next appointment to display the wrong end time, this was due to both appointments being displayed within the duration of the first appointment. Eg Appointment 1 was scheduled for 09.00 to 10.00. Appointment 2 was scheduled for 10.00 to 11.00. If Appointment 1 was started at 09.30 making it 30 minutes late the duration would take it up to 10.30, this caused a conflict for appointment 2 and changed the end time to be 10.30.

This issue has been resolved so appointments will show the correct planned or actual times. If an appointment started late it will continue to show a conflict with the next appointment but it will not reduce the time available for the appointment. By the end of the day the scheduler will display the actual appointment durations so the conflicts will be removed.  
OSD-7720 Scheduler Next Day Arrow The Pooled and Fixed scheduler has the options to move the date forward or backward using the arrows next to the date picker. The fixed scheduler will add horizontal and vertical scrollbars when they are required. When this happens the browser also displays an additional scroll bar which pushed the next and previous date arrows to the left slightly. The browser scrollbar has now been suppressed which will stop the arrows moving.  This change will not add additional functionality to the system. It will benefit users who use the arrow to navigate through multiple days because the scrollbars were moving the arrows which meant a user would be skipping a week by mistake.
OSD-7721 Scheduler - Override Priorities Scheduling multi-day appointments overnight into a time slot which uses allocated time types required the override priorities button to be selected for this to work. Even if the allocated time type had the correct priorities mapped from the job the override was required every time. This has been resolved so if your allocated time type has a priority that matches your job you will no longer need to override priorities. No impact on existing appointments or jobs but if you schedule multi-day appointments within an allocated time type with the correct priorities you will no longer need to select the override priorities button anymore.
OSD-7949 Scheduling with Efficiency

If you are using our efficiency ratings for services at a team or resource level you could have encountered an issue where fixed appointments were scheduled over non-working time.  This was due to the drag and drop functionality because the efficiency wasn't calculated until the appointment had been dropped on the scheduler for a time and resource. When the efficiency value was applied the appointment duration could increase causing a conflict with other appointments or non-working time. The sheduler has been altered to include efficiency values when the appointment is being dragged from the holding area or moved from another resource.

To review service efficiency you will need to open the Admin menu, click on the Team or Resource page. After selecting a Team or Resource you will be able to click on the Service/Rate tabs. Efficiency will be a column for every service.

Users will see a difference when they are dragging and dropping appointments on the fixed scheduler, the duration of the appointment can vary depending on what resource it has been allocated to. If the efficiency is a negative value the appointment duration will increase. If the efficiency is a positive number the appointment duration will decrease.



OSD-7681 Search Results  An issue for the search views has been resolve to prevent search results changing after tabbing through 50+ records. This could have occurred if you built a search view, selected a row to open the details page and used the arrows to go to the next or previous record. After moving through 50 records the results could have been different to the search criteria. After the upgrade, you will be able to use the next and previous arrows on a job or site and you will only see results that match your search criteria Functionality remains the same to move to the next or previous record but you can be sure that if you were to tab through results you would be looking at the correct data set.
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