Route View



Note: You will need to be working with our coordinates functionality for this page to show appointments and routes. If you are not using coordinates but you are interested in enabling this feature please discuss this with your account manager

The route view page displays a daily summary of your operatives' work on a map, showing each appointment as a point on a route. If the resource or the site assigned to one of the appointments doesn't have coordinates configured it will not display the results.

The appointments will display start and end times, this information will be taken from the appointments planned start and planned end fields.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Right Type
RE4 Scheduler Access to the scheduler page under the Schedule menu header Page Access
ROUTE_VIEW Route View Access to the route view page, this will display the resource starting location and appointments per day and per team. The information will be displayed on a map view so you can see where your mobile workforce will be working Page Access


Accessing the Route View Page

  • Open the Scheduler
  • Select the team and date you would like to see a route view for
  • Click on the "Route View" button in the top right of the page to be taken to the route view page


Route View Page


  • The Route View page can show multiple resources from the same team on the map
  • The starting point for the engineer is showing with the S pin
  • Appointments are numbered to show what order they have been scheduled for
  • You can zoom in and out of the map to see all of your resources covering different areas
  • The route view page will only show one date and team combination at a time.
  • If your user account is using User Team Filtering you will only be able to select a team you have assigned to your account


No Routes

  • You can remove the lines in-between appointment by toggling off the Display routes option on the left-hand panel


Resource Selection

  • You can select and deselect resources using the left-hand panel. Here we are showing what it would look like with one resource selected


Resource Selection

  • You can select and deselect resources using the left-hand panel. Here we are showing what it would look like with one resource selected


Appointment Details

By clicking on one of the appointment pins you can view the appointment details.

  • The start and end time will use the appointment planned dates
  • The Job ref will be a hyperlink to the Job Details tab
  • If your job has a client ref which is different to the Job Ref it will appear in the job section
  • The header will tell you what sequence the appointment is, this example is showing the first appointment of the day


Resource Details

If you click on the S pin you can view the starting point for a resource.

  • The information will come from the resource account under the Admin menu
  • The resource name will hyperlink to the Resource details page if you have the access rights to view this page


Satellite View

You can switch from map to satellite view using the buttons at the left-hand side. The same options listed above will work for this view.



No Coordinates

If you have a resource or site with no coordinates you will see a blue warning triangle. This will display a message to indicate if you have a problem with the resource address, site address or both. You can continue to view routes for other resources which have coordinates configured correctly.



Scheduler Access

If your user type has access to the Scheduler page you will have access to a scheduler button on the Route View page. This button will launch the scheduler page with the date and team pre-selected by using the values from the route view page. This will allow users to move between the scheduler and route view easily to schedule appointments and visually see what the days worth of appointment will look like.