Job Cost Failure and Creation Alternate Cost



Recording labour time on the mobile application or manually assigning time using the Job Resource tab can calculate the hourly labour rate. 

For this process to work you will need the following 

  • The resource to have the costing method set to Labour or Both
  • The Resource or Team will need a cost value against the service/skills
  • The user type rights to add cost manually if you are using the desktop application
    • Time Addition/Modification [TAM]
    • Individually Recalculate Time Costs [IRTC]
    • Job Recalculate Time Costs [JRTC]
    • Update Work Time in Measured Stage [UWTME]


Time will be recorded from the mobile application after the user selects one of the working time type buttons, eg Working, Travel, Collecting material. The other method would be to open the Job Resource tab using the desktop application and using the resource, service and date dropdowns to indicate the resource working time. 

The labour cost will calculate using the job service, the system will check if a cost has been assigned to the service at the Resource level. If the service cost is empty it will try to collect a cost value from the service assigned to the team. 


Job Cost Creation Failure

If the appointment only has activities with the same service as the job service and this service doesn't have a cost against Resource or Team you will have a 'Job cost creation failure' event added to the Job History. 


To resolve this issue you will need to assign a value against the service on the services/rates tab for Team or Resource.




Job cost creation alternate cost

If your resource and team are missing a cost value for the job service it will use services assigned to the other appointment activities. It will go through the activity list until one service has a cost at the Resource or Team level. If this happens the costs will be generated on the Job Cost tab and the Job History tab will display an event called Job cost creation alternate cost.

If you expand the 'Job cost creation alternate cost' job history event you will be able to see the service it couldn't calculate a cost for and what service the system has used to calculate the labour cost. Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_10.44.32.png


If the system has checked all of the services assigned to the appointments activities and the records are missing cost values it will add the Job Cost Creation Failure job event. 

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