Release Cycle Names

We are renaming our future release cycles - “Winter 2017/18 is now Spring 2018”  

Historically we have named or labeled our release cycles inline with the season that we have completed the product development and service enhancement. Whilst this has been useful for Oneserve, we recognise these labels have not always been clear and concise for our partners.  Well, we have listened to your feedback and now name or label our releases as the season that you, our customers will receive new features and product improvements.  We agree, is simpler to understand and reflects the period that you will benefit from our regular product enhancements.

We are not changing any development activities we plan to deliver within each release, simply refactoring the release name/label to match the season we deliver each release, see below:


This change takes effect immediately and hence the upcoming next release which was labeled ‘Winter 2017/18’ is now referred to as ‘Spring 2018’.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further clarification.

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