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A team will be required before you can create a Job due to the job creation process requiring a team to cover the postcode of the site, the service of the activity, and the client for whom the job is raised.

Note: Client to team mapping is decided at creation time based on what clients are assigned to the user creating the team. If you find yourself unable to assign the team to jobs for a specific client, raise a support ticket for support to look into the issue

Part of the team configuration requires you to specify the geography coverage, this will determine what jobs the team will be available for depending on the site's location. By entering the geography working area it will provide the opportunity to split your workforce into areas to maximise their drive time efficiency.

The services you allocated against activities will be assigned to your Teams to identify what type of work they are qualified and suitable to carry out. When you create a job it will use the postcode from your site and the services from your activity selection.

Note: As you can have multiple activities against a job with different services it will use the service from the first activity to be assigned to the job

You will see Teams on the job details page and through the scheduler, appointments will be booked against resources within their allocated team. If you are running our nightly optimiser it will reschedule pooled appointments between resources within the same team however it will not move appointments between teams so it is important to group your resources correctly.

User Type Rights

  • Teams [ADMIN_TEAMS] - Access to the Teams admin menu
  • Teams [SSM] - Access to the Team page
  • Teams - Edit [EDIT_TEAMS] - Controls the option to modify an existing team and the ability to create a new team
  • Team Groups [SSS] - Access to the Team Group page to edit/delete and add new groups


Creating a Team

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  • Select Teams under the Teams section
    • If you have already created a team it will be displayed in the list view
  • Use the + icon to create a new team

This will open a form to enter the team details. Complete the details as follows:

General Details


  • Registered Name - The name of your team, this will be used throughout the application to display team references
  • Trade Name - Option to record a secondary team name if it's different to the Registered Name
  • Type - Select "Direct Labour" for normal workers or "Sub Contractor" for those using Team Activity Costs
  • Group - You can group your teams together using this field, new groups can be created using the Team Group page from the Admin menu
  • Contract Start - The date your team will be available to be assigned to a job. The start date will need to be set to the current date or a date in the past for the team to be assigned to new jobs or available within the Modify Team/Service list
  • Contract End - The date your team will no longer be available for jobs. The end date will need to be in the future for the team to be assigned to new jobs today or available within the Modify Team/Service lis
  • Summary - Free text field for you to enter notes about the team
  • Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email - Contact details for the team
  • Address - Enter the address details if your team has an office address where correspondence needs to be sent



  • Calendar - The calendar used to assign working time to the resource
  • Vendor - If you are using the activity purchase order functionality which allows you to create a purchase order using job activities you will need to select a vendor. The vendor will be used on the purchase order created after you select a job activity and click on the Create PO option
  • Costing Method - Choose "Labour" to use services and rates, "Activity" to use Activity Costs, or "Use Both" to use the two above methods together
  • Cost Approval Level - The value you enter in this field will determine if your job activity cost rows will be assigned to a job with a pending or approved status. Once the activity costs reach the value you have set, it will trigger new job activities to be assigned with a pending status
  • Assign Team To Activities - By enabling this setting, the default job team will be linked to all job activities and job activity costs when you create a new job. If you are benefiting from our user team filtering it will allow the users to access the job and view the activities and costs without the need for the appointment to be booked first. You will still need to schedule appointments if you need to send a resource to action the job
  • Keep Team Against Activities - By enabling this setting, Teams will remain assigned to job activities after an additional appointment request has been submitted. This is beneficial if you are taking advantage of the User-Team filtering functionality to allow subcontractors to log into the system and complete work on your behalf. This setting will allow your users to continue to have visibility of the job activities they are required to action after an additional appointment event has occurred



  • Invoice Contact: Name for the contact the invoices will be addressed to
  • Contract Number: Enter a contact number which can be used to communicate with the teams invoice contact
  • CIS: Use this field to record registration type of the team, if they are part of the Construction Industry Scheme.
  • CIS Expiry: If you are using the CIS field you can enter the expiry date
  • Invoice Address: Enter the details for your teams invoicing department

Working Areas


For each Working Area Type, you can choose from the following options:

  • Cover All Postcodes - Allows the resource to perform work without any geographical restriction. If this is selected, it will override any other options inserted
  • Postcode Coverage - Specifies the postcodes in which the operative can perform work. This should be formatted as a comma-separated list of the first part of the postcode e.g. "EX2, EX3, EX4"
  • Working Areas - Specifies the working areas in which a resource can perform work

Once you have filled out the relevant information, click the Create button to save your new resource. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard your changes.

Editing Teams

  1. Click on the team you wish to edit
  2. Click modify
  3. Edit the details you require and click Update to commit your changes
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