New Mobile: Location Tracking



The following will detail how location tracking can be set up and how it tracks the operative's device.

If you would like to enable location tracking please raise a support ticket


  • You must use Oneserve mobile (native app) to benefit from location tracking
  • You can control which mobile resources are enabled from the resource page
  • Coordinates against sites - To get the full benefit of you must also be using coordinates

For more info on our coordinates feature please view our documentation


Enabling Location Tracking for an Operative

Enabling location tracking is done individually on the resource page, this is to allow control and management of which operatives have tracking enabled.

To enable location tracking open the resource page in admin and scroll to the settings section, from here you will see the Resource Location switch as shown below;


Switch this on to enable location tracking.

Please note the following when enabling location tracking

  • Operative location updates are received every 2 minutes. If the operative has not moved over a 10 metre radius since the last record it will keep the previous recorded location and timestamp
  • Location tracking is not aware of working patterns, as such users will need to log out upon finishing to disable tracking

Viewing Operative Locations

Route view

Viewing an operative's current location can be done via the route view.


  • All appointment sites must have coordinates set for the operative route to be available

When viewing operatives on route view you can select the team to be viewed via the dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen.


The available operatives will automatically be displayed on selection of the team, your default selected team will be displayed upon opening route view.

Operative routes are colour coded for easier identification and their corresponding location blips are also coloured. Select the blip to view the operative's name and the time of the last record.


If using route view as a wallboard or similar, you will need to reselect the displayed team to show the most recent version of tracking

Mobile - Map view


  • All appointment sites must have coordinates set for the operative route to be available

Operatives can also view their location via Oneserve mobile, this can be achieved via the map view. On the schedule select the map icon as below:


Operatives will be able to view the location of their appointments and their current location in relation to those appointments, allowing for easier planning when navigating between destinations.


As operatives navigate to appointments through out the day they will also be able to view their recorded route.