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Oneserve’s native mobile app now contains a notification centre which displays key information about any items waiting to upload from the device and lists any photos which have failed to upload.

Accessing the Notification Centre

When an image fails to upload from the mobile device, users will see a count on the settings cog within the app. Clicking on this cog will direct you to the Notification Centre where you can see which jobs are affected. You can also access the Notification Centre at any time by going to Settings > Notification Centre.


Clicking on either of the jobs will load the gallery for the relevant job.


You will be able to see the upload status of each image. Any images that have failed to upload will be displayed with a RESOLVE option. Clicking on this button will display three options.


Resolve Options

Retry - Adds the photo to the upload queue.

Replace - Removes the original photo and allows the user to take or select a replacement photo.

Delete - Removes the photo from the queue.


What if the relevant appointment is no longer on my device?

If photos have failed to upload for an appointment that is no longer on the mobile device, you will not be able to resolve the image through the app. In this case, contact your system administrator to inform them that there are photos that have failed to upload, and arrange to send those photos separately from the Oneserve mobile app.

What about photos that weren’t uploaded before the latest update?

Unfortunately, items that did not upload successfully on older versions of the Oneserve mobile app are no longer available.

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