Our Location Coordinate feature can be enabled on your application if you are interested in using coordinates and benefiting from the map displays we have within the system.

By enabling this feature coordinates will be obtained from out Google Services via the conversion of postal or addressable location information into location geo-coordinates.

Coordinates are securely stored as longitude and latitude fields within your application. Once the values have been saved against a Site or Resource account a map will be displayed with a pin point against the location



Using our location coordinate feature will benefit the scheduler. When a user schedules an appointment, the drive time will be accurately calculated between the two sets of coordinates, using Google's advanced street-level routing services. If one of the locations in question does not have geo-coordinates stored then the drive time will fall back to being calculated using the distance between the central point of each postcode.

Coordinates will be generated and stored in two areas within Oneserve - 'Sites' and 'Resources'. Coordinates will be generated;

  • On addition of a new site or resource record through the user interface
  • The editing of the address or postcode fields against an existing site or resource


  • Access to the Route View page which will display routes per resource and date selection so you can view where your resources will be traveling
  • Increased precision of site and resource locations
  • More accurate appointment drive time calculations
  • Supporting the display of embedded map views for job and site pages
  • Helping your operatives get to exactly the right place, first time, every time
  • Improved levels of operational efficiency thanks to reduced time wastage


  • To obtain coordinates, all Resources and Sites will need to have at least a valid postcode, and for more precise location accuracy a valid address will be required
  • On an ongoing basis, users will be alerted to any new data quality issues and will be required to manually intervene to resolve these. A level of training and potentially business process change will be required to ensure this process is implemented and being maintained successfully


  • Maps will appear for all users on the Sites, Job and Resource pages once location coordinates have been obtained
  • Jobs will display the map if the Job was created after the Site had been updated with coordinates. If you alter a sites address which causes the coordinates to update the job will reflect the changes if it has a Pending or In Progress job status. Any job passed the Complete stage will keep the site information that was valid at the time of the job creation
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