Data Alerts - Coordinates



Every evening your Oneserve application will check your data and highlight any sites or resources with missing geo-coordinates. If you modify sites or resources during the day you will need to wait until the following day for the records to be removed or updated in the Alerts page.


Working With Geo-Coordinates

The alerts will show in the menu header if your user type has the following right:

  • Manage Alerts [MANAGE_ALERTS]


One alert will be created for Sites without geo-coordinates and a separate record for all Resources without geo-coordinates. If you click on the row it will display the details for the records of that type that are missing geo-coordinates.

Below is an example of the display for Resources without geo-coordinates. If you click on the individual rows it will take you to the Resource account under the admin team page.


Once you have entered a correct postcode against the Site or Resource the record will be removed from the alerts detail page but the overall alert description will keep the count from the previous nights check. After the next nightly alert check, it will update the description to contain the new value for the records without coordinates.


If you have completed a postcode update for all records within an alert you can use the resolve option under the actions drop-down. This will remove the alert from the table but you can review it if you select the 'Show Resolved' button.


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