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Due to how authentication and processes are handled in Oneserve, we typically advise against having multiple tabs open at once as this can cause issues such as duplicate actions, uncommitted transactions, and database blocking.

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General Use

When navigating Oneserve normally, having multiple tabs open usually won't cause any issues. Navigating through menus and viewing information without manipulating it typically won't cause issues. Problems can occur when multiple sessions are open and data is inserted, changed, or deleted due to the fact that a duplicate session key is requesting different things.

Multiple tabs can also lead to a conflict of resources which can have a negative impact on performance. Since each session is calling for multiple actions to be performed simultaneously, slowdown can sometimes occur while the application processes the requests. It is usually advisable to only use one tab to access the site so that all processes can be completed before moving to the next task.


Due to the fact that opening multiple tabs causes a duplication of session keys, having multiple tabs open can cause certain actions to duplicate. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Duplicate job creation

  • Duplicate cost creation

  • Duplicated events on jobs

Scheduling Issues

The scheduler holds a lot of information locally in the browser before committing it to the database. As such, having conflicting states in the browser can lead to changes not being committed properly or to appointments getting stuck in an un-editable state, which then needs to be reversed on the backend. The scheduler page should be accessed in a single tab and navigated to and from using the app's built-in navigation links (not the browser back/forward button, as these ignore the application's logic and can cause irregularities).

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