Job Transition Buttons



Transition buttons are used within the title section of a job, they will control the status of your job and allow yours to move the job along your workflow.

By default, you will see 2 transition buttons on the job page with additional transitions available in a drop-down button. If you would like to show fewer or more transition buttons we have an application setting that can be amended. The setting will only accept one value which will be applied to all jobs on your system.

Please contact our support desk if you would like to change this setting


  • The transition buttons will appear under the Job Status for the job pages


  • By default, if you have more than two transitions they will appear in a drop-down


  • The setting can be altered so you can see more transitions before you have the more drop-down


  • The transitions will display if they have been configured on the Workflow page. Each transition has a sequence number which will control the order they appear on the job page