Conflicting Appointments



Conflicting Appointments will be shown on the Scheduler with a red outline around the appointment and a red dot if its appointments conflicting with another appointment

Appointments can conflict for the following reasons

  • Appointments overlapping for the start/end times
  • Additional Working/Non-Working time events
  • Time outside of the calendar working hours
  • Multi-Day Appointments


Conflicting Appointments

If you have multiple appointments where the planned start/end or actual start/end conflict your appointments will have a red outline and a red dot to display additional information.


The red dot will contain the information for the conflicting appointment, this will be useful if the conflict results in the appointment details being hidden by the other appointment. If the appointments conflict by a minute or more the red dot and red outline will be present, this will only use the appointment times to generate the conflict so it will not use the drive time.



  • Appointment 1 starts at 08.00 to 10.00
  • Appointment 2 has drive time from 10.00 to 10.30 and appointment start time of 10.30
  • Appointment 2 will show as conflicting if the end time for appointment 1 was changed to 10.31. If it changed to 10.15 it will show as insufficient drive time as it's not conflicting with the appointment time
  • Insufficient drive time is shown with a purple outline


Additional Working/Non-Working Time

If appointments are scheduled within working or non-working time you will see the red conflicting outline. This indicates the appointment has scheduled at the same time as a calendar event. The red dot will not appear because it doesn't require additional information to be displayed.


Time Outside of Working Hours

If you change the core working hours for a resource using the calendar or change the calendar assigned to a resource you can have appointments conflicting with non- working hours if it has been scheduled before the change. This will be displayed using a red outline for the appointment and you will need to reschedule the appointment within the resource working hours to resolve the issue.

The example below shows the last appointment of the day finishing at 17.32 but the resource calendar finished at 17.30 therefore you have 2 minutes of conflicting time.


Multi-Day Appointments

If you schedule multi-day appointments they will show as conflicting appointments with a red outline. This is because the appointment needs to appear over non-working time so it can span multiple days. It will not use the non-working time for the appointment duration but it will indicate that this appoint is continuing out of outs and will be scheduled for the following day.


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