Mobile App Release Notes


Latest Update

Version 29.3.1299
What's new?

- Improved stability with managing large volumes of surveys (Requires core version 29.2 or later)
- Improved stability when managing large volumes of activities
- Present alert to user when he doesn't have permission to view documents for a particular job
- Minor UI improvements and icon changes
- HERE maps now used on the Map view of appointments
- Fixed a bug where completed Surveys could not be viewed without a data refresh
- Improved detail in the notifications page for Enhanced Surveys

Previous Updates

Version 29.1.1243
What's new?

- NEW FEATURE Request Parts in an appointment.
- NEW FEATURE View Requested Parts from the Van Stock section of the app
- NEW FEATURE View and Download Job Documents in an appointment
- NEW FEATURE View and add Points of Interest from an appointment
- NEW FEATURE Scan a barcode when searching for parts
- Fixed an issue were some appointments were reverting to a ‘Pending’ state after completing
- Site Name is now included in the site address (unless the Site Name is the same as Address Line 1)
- Point of Interest name is now included under the site address when the appointment is linked to a particular Point of Interest
- New Enhanced Surveys queue management

Documentation for New Features

Job Documents on Mobile

Request Parts - includes viewing requested parts

Points of Interest

Barcode Scanning on Parts 

The search function when adding parts to jobs or viewing your van stock now includes a barcode scanner. If you have barcodes on your parts which correlate to your part refs, you can scan a barcode to quickly and easily find the part you want to add. Selecting the Search option will display the Barcode icon which you can press to launch the scanner. Any barcode information that you scan will then display in the search bar.


Version 28.8.1122

What's New?

  • NEW FEATURE: Annotate and Rename images when adding them to an appointment
  • NEW FEATURE: View Job & Site History on an appointment
  • Fixed an issue where some surveys were not showing on the mobile app
  • Fixed validation on signatures which was sometimes causing issues with data syncing from the app
  • Fixed an issue on Enhanced Surveys where users could not take photos directly from the survey
  • Improved messaging when items have failed to load or to sync

Annotate Images

Users can now annotate and rename images when adding them to an appointment either from the camera or the gallery.

Activate the feature from the Preferences section of the Settings


Taking Photos

When you take a photo through the app, you will now be presented with the edit photo screen.


Annotation Tools

You can rename the image in the Filename box. The system will automatically remove or replace any characters that will prevent the file from saving.


You can choose from a selection of colours and pen sizes when annotating the image. There are undo and redo buttons available for any mistakes.


Once you have completed the annotation, click on the tick on the top right hand side of the screen to save your annotated image to the job.

Selecting from the gallery

When you select photos from your device gallery, you will now be presented with the Edit Gallery page before the photos are saved to the job.


You can then edit each image individually before you save them to the job. You can delete any individual image, or select 'Back' to remove all images from the gallery without saving them to the job. When you have edited and renamed all of the images you want, select the tick to add them to the job.


Once you add the images to the job, you will not be able to edit them again.

Job & Site History

If you have an internet connection, you can view the site history from the Site and Contact section of an appointment.


You can view all previous appointments at that site, filter to only show appointments related to the current job, or choose to include future appointments which have not yet taken place.


Selecting any appointment will open up the appointment's details, including:

  • Operative name
  • Job Description and References
  • Planned and Actual Dates
  • Completed Activities
  • Appointment Resolution Notes
  • Additional Appointment Reason and Notes (if available)



Improved Notifications

Recently, we have received some reports of surveys not downloading to the app and appointments not syncing from the app in very rare cases. As well as improving the stability in this area, we have also added more notifications to the app to ensure that users are aware of the issue and what they need to do to resolve it.

This message will be displayed if a particular appointment has failed to sync as expected Sync_Issue.png

This message will be displayed if surveys have failed to download to the app as expected.


Photos on Enhanced Surveys

When completing Enhanced Surveys on your mobile app, you can take images directly from the survey. Please note, there is still an issue with the number of photos you can add to a survey which we are continuing to work on.


Version 28.6.1079 (25 March 2020)

What's New?

  • NEW FEATURE: Retry or remove non-photo items that have failed to sync in the Notifications Centre.

If there are any items that have failed to sync from the mobile app, they will display in the Notifications Centre which can be found in your app settings.


Selecting one of these non-photo items now gives you two options, Retry or Remove.


  • Retry will attempt to sync this information again, this will also remove the item from this page unless it once again fails to sync
  • Remove will delete the failed items completely. Only select this option if you are sure you don't want this information to be sent back to the Oneserve system. If you select Remove, you will see the following message:


Version 28.4.1058 (26 February 2020)

What’s New?

  • NEW FEATURE: New Asset Search Page
  • NEW FEATURE: Scan Barcodes when searching for, editing or adding assets.
  • Enhanced Survey queue management improvements
  • Fixed bug where viewing submitted survey data was not displaying correctly

Asset Search
If you have asset surveys, you can now search for the survey you want by the survey asset details. To do this, click on the Search button on the Surveys page (please note, this will only display if you have Asset Surveys on the appointment).


You will then be able to search by the asset name or asset ref


Barcode Scanner
You can now scan a barcode when searching for, editing or adding assets by clicking on the barcode icon.

This will populate the search bar or Asset Ref fields.


The barcode scanner can only read the following fonts:

Barcode Type Android iOS


Version 28.0.1043 (13 February 2020)

What’s New?

  • You can now set photos you take through the app to be saved in your gallery with the ‘Save Photos to Gallery’ setting in your Preferences
  • You can now view your appointments by status rather than by day with the ‘Group Appointments By Status’ setting in your Preferences
  • Speed and stability improvements to Enhanced Surveys, you can now view your survey submission if you have an internet connection

Group Appointments by Status
You can see your appointments in a new way. To have a look at the new view, go to Settings > Preferences and select Group Appointments By Status. You will then see your appointments grouped by ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’.


You can change this setting at any time in your Preferences.

Save Photos to Gallery
Any photos you take through the app can now be saved to your gallery if required. To activate this setting, go to Settings > Preferences and select Save Photos to Gallery


Version 28.0.1012 (22 January 2020)

What’s New?

  • Fixed issue where notes were not expanding
  • Speed and stability improvements to Enhanced Surveys

Version 28.0.999 (3 January 2020)

What’s New?

  • App speed and stability improvements
  • Resolved an issue which caused some activities not to save properly
  • Added the ability to upload .png image files