Mobile App Release Notes


Mobile Release Version 32.2.1691 (17 May 2022)

What's new?

  • Appointment Auto Refresh: on appointment completion the appointment list will automatically refresh.
  • UI Updates: Further design improvements to standardise the look and feel of the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Activity completion reflected on desktop: Marking an activity as incomplete on the app will now be reflected on desktop.
  • Survey Completion Blocking: Complete Survey action is only blocked if there are outstanding requests on the current survey.
  • Missing icon: Edit Activity Page tick icon now displayed.

Mobile Release Version 32.1.1666 (26 December 2021)

What's new?

Mobile Release Version 32.0.1661 (16 December 2021)

What's new?

  • Managing appointments outside of workflow: operatives can now view appointment details without starting their appointment
  • Parts Page: updated design and ability to manage Parts Requests for a job inside an appointment.
    • Parts and Parts Request icons have been removed from the ‘Add’ section, the new process is to go directly to the Parts tab to add a part or part request to an appointment.

Optional Features

  • Enhanced Surveys: Oneserve Data can now pre-populate a survey

Please raise a request with Oneserve Support if you wish to enable any of these features

Bug fixes

Zendesk tickets fixed in this release: 42210, 41918, 41894, 41795, 40459

  • Increased stability and reliability for offline and poor signal area working
  • Performance improvements for operatives with a high volume of appointments
  • Operatives can now add an activity to a newly created location


Mobile Release Version 31.6.1583 (27 September 2021)

What's new?

  • Improved UI: Cleaner design across a variety of pages to show information in a much clearer way
  • Customer Signature Page: can now 'undo' a Customer Signature Refusal
  • Gallery Page: Photos now show upload date/time
  • Gallery Page: Photos can now be sorted by the date they were added
  • Appointment Page: Menu brought inline with operative system menu style
  • Activity Category: Can now be set to 'None' if previously set
  • Blocked Request Warning: New popup to inform user that an Appointment Completion has been blocked

Optional Features

  • Ability to change image quality and size. The default image scaling for uploaded pictures is a maximum height/width of 1000px, this can now be set to be higher or lower

Please raise a request with Oneserve Support if you wish to enable any of these features

Bug fixes

Zendesk tickets fixed in this release: 40399, 40986, 41180

  • Creating an asset which is linked to multiple asset surveys will not produce duplicates
  • Mobile App now respects mandatory surveys when job status changes
  • Removing final asset from appointment no longer marks surveys as complete


Mobile Release Version 31.5.1544 (15 July 2021)

What's new?

  • The background colour in the mobile app has changed to a more subtle colour enhancing the user experience.
  • The Site Details page has been updated. It's now easier to read the site address. The Site Ref and Usage Type have also been added to this page.
  • In the mobile app, in an appointment, click on the site address to display the Site Details screen. Click on the 'Go to Site Page' button and a message has been added at the bottom of the screen saying "Opening desktop app". The operative is taken to the login screen for the Oneserve desktop app.
  • Empty pages redesign. The watermark has been redesigned and has changed throughout the mobile app. For Parts, when you click on the "No Parts Required" button, the watermark is now hidden.

Bug fixes

  • Assets were being added to the previous appointment when using additional appointment functionality on the mobile app. This has now been fixed. The fix ensures that when an operative adds a new asset to an appointment, the operative is able to complete the asset survey questions.
  • On Android, some images in enhanced surveys were displaying the incorrect orientation. This has been fixed.
  • Activity notes were being removed when completing an appointment. This has been fixed and if activity notes are amended or added, the activity notes remain on the job after the appointment has been completed.
  • Editing an activity after completing it, caused the activity to take the completed quantity percentage to be reduced 0% and the activityappointment table data was removed. This has been fixed and when an activity is now completed, the completed quantity percentage column is now 100%.
  • There was an issue when updating an asset location via the mobile app. This has been fixed and the location is now added correctly. Also fixed is the adding of an asset when there was no survey linked to the job.
  • Surveys with mandatory attributes were not being completed. To fix this issue three improvements to the API POST requests have been made:
    • Increase the retries from 3. This is controlled by a registry setting, per client.
    • Block certain API requests from being sent if there are other messages in the queue. Appointment Completions will be stopped if any other requests are incomplete and Root Survey Completions will be blocked if there are any Survey requests on the queue. This is controlled by a registry setting, per client.
    • Queue Ordering - retrying requests will maintain the order of the requests. Previously, the notification page alternated the order the requests were sent; so requests A and B were first retried as AB then if they failed they were retried as BA.
  • The field ‘Stock transaction ref’ was being populated with the text 'Part usage increase from mobile' when parts were added to a job/appointment from the old mobile app. This functionality has been added and to the current mobile app.
  • Removing outstanding assets on an in-progress survey was incorrectly marking the survey as complete. This has been fixed and removing an asset will now trigger a check to see if there are any remaining surveys, and if not, the root survey will be completed.
  • An operative is now able to set the category of an activity to none while an appointment is in progress.

Zendesk tickets fixed in this release: 40459, 40512, 40580, 40983, 41069, 41093, 41240, 41243, 41392 and 41420.

Version 31.4.1523 (25 May 2021)

What's new

  • Asset Surveys are now sorted alphabetically by location.
  • Activity Page enhancements to improve performance.

Bug fixes

  • Appointments with a work type that is not ‘by appointment’ were not showing the correct list of assets in the Asset List page.

Version 31.3.1517 (20 May 2021)

What's new?

  • Additional Information page has been updated to include Job Work Description, Usage Type and Job Owner fields.
  • Job Status on Additional Information now shows Job Status name, for example "Work in Progress", rather than the ID.
  • Job Description now shows 2 lines rather than 1 to give operatives more details quickly.
  • Enhanced Survey performance and stabilisation improvements.
  • Popups on the mobile app, now have a more prominent colour and an icon.
  • “Create Appointment” developer setting has been removed. It acted as an override for standard application behaviour.

Optional Features

  • Classic Survey Structure. Mobile now matches the survey structure used in old Mobile, which is especially useful for clients heavily using asset surveys. This feature is controlled by a feature flag, so will only be turned on for clients that have requested this change. Other clients will see no change to the app, but the view can be updated, on request, on a per client basis. Previously asset surveys were listed on the main survey page by asset, but it was unclear what was required.
  • Survey Page Size. When there is a large number of large surveys the appointment will not load as it hits an API size limit. A new feature flag has been added to limit the number of surveys returned per client. The default is 500 surveys.
  • To minimise the number of login/timeout issues, clients on Core version > 31.2 can have access to this change, but need a registry setting change, for it to be enabled.

Please raise a request with Oneserve Support if you wish to enable any of these features.

Bug fixes

  • “None” was the default option for dropdowns throughout the app; this was then seen as a valid selection for creating an additional appointment but caused problems with data. This option has been removed to maintain data integrity.
  • Appointment with no contact was directing the user to an empty page and the user would then be stuck.
  • Contact methods on schedule and appointment updated. Previously contact methods would appear differently on the schedule and appointment.
  • Creating a new location when adding an asset was removing the model from the form, forcing the user to re-enter it.
  • Adding an activity will now retain it’s location when the appointment is completed.
  • When adding a new location to a new asset, the asset was saved but the location was not. This is now fixed.

Version 31.2.1465 (12 February 2021)

What's new?

  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Platform and performance improvements
  • Enhanced logging for improved data analysis 

Optional Features

  • Create and Start Appointments - when enabled, users can search for Jobs without outstanding activities and create an appointment directly from the mobile to start work now (see article)  
  • Remove Assets - users are now able to mark assets as removed via asset surveys (see article)  
  • Add Parts to Van Stock - mobile operatives can record stock purchased in the field and update van stock quantity (see article)  
  • The surveys displayed on mobile will now take account of Job Status where configured against Work Type settings 

Please raise a request with Oneserve support if you wish to enable any of these features.



Version 31.1.1427 (1 February 2021)

What's new?

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Job Documents to not display on the mobile app for certain Appointments and Users. 

Optional Features

  • Mobile operatives can now complete appointments when the appointments are in ‘paused' or ‘travel’ states

  • Ability to hide the 'Request Parts' function for all users

Please raise a request with Oneserve support if you wish to enable any of these features.



Version 31.0.1421

What's new?

  • When adding parts, you can now launch the Parts Arena app. Please note you can only use this tool if you have an integration with Parts Arena. (see article)
  • You can now mark asset surveys as complete provided they aren’t mandatory. (see article)
  • New text to help direct first time users of the app. (see article)
  • The ‘Send Logs’ functionality now has a cancel button.
  • Resolved an issue with displaying the correct contact on some jobs.
  • Improved issue logging with Enhanced Surveys.



Version 30.0.1408

What's new?

  • You will now be informed if you are on an old version of the app will receive guidance on how to update
  • Improved console logs information, you can now share them with Oneserve directly if you have any issues
  • Improved the navigation on part and asset search tools
  • Decreased app opening time
  • Survey stability improvements
  • General stability improvements
    • You can see more details on how to update the app here.
    • You can see more details on how to send your console logs to Oneserve here.



Version 29.3.1299

What's new?

  • Improved stability with managing large volumes of surveys (Requires core version 29.2 or later)
  • Improved stability when managing large volumes of activities
  • Present alert to a user when they don't have permission to view documents for a particular job
  • Minor UI improvements and icon changes
  • HERE maps now used on the Map view of appointments
  • Fixed a bug where completed Surveys could not be viewed without a data refresh
  • Improved detail in the notifications page for Enhanced Surveys



Version 29.1.1243

What's new?

  • NEW FEATURE Request Parts in an appointment.
  • NEW FEATURE View Requested Parts from the Van Stock section of the app
  • NEW FEATURE View and Download Job Documents in an appointment
  • NEW FEATURE View and add Points of Interest from an appointment
  • NEW FEATURE Scan a barcode when searching for parts
  • Fixed an issue were some appointments were reverting to a ‘Pending’ state after completing
  • Site Name is now included in the site address (unless the Site Name is the same as Address Line 1)
  • Point of Interest name is now included under the site address when the appointment is linked to a particular Point of Interest
  • New Enhanced Surveys queue management

Documentation for New Features



Version 28.8.1122

What's New?

  • NEW FEATURE: Annotate and Rename images when adding them to an appointment
  • NEW FEATURE: View Job & Site History on an appointment
  • Fixed an issue where some surveys were not showing on the mobile app
  • Fixed validation on signatures which was sometimes causing issues with data syncing from the app
  • Fixed an issue on Enhanced Surveys where users could not take photos directly from the survey
  • Improved messaging when items have failed to load or to sync

Annotate Images

Users can now annotate and rename images when adding them to an appointment either from the camera or the gallery.

Activate the feature from the Preferences section of the Settings


Taking Photos

When you take a photo through the app, you will now be presented with the edit photo screen.


Annotation Tools

You can rename the image in the Filename box. The system will automatically remove or replace any characters that will prevent the file from saving.


You can choose from a selection of colours and pen sizes when annotating the image. There are undo and redo buttons available for any mistakes.


Once you have completed the annotation, click on the tick on the top right hand side of the screen to save your annotated image to the job.

Selecting from the gallery

When you select photos from your device gallery, you will now be presented with the Edit Gallery page before the photos are saved to the job.


You can then edit each image individually before you save them to the job. You can delete any individual image, or select 'Back' to remove all images from the gallery without saving them to the job. When you have edited and renamed all of the images you want, select the tick to add them to the job.


Once you add the images to the job, you will not be able to edit them again.

Job & Site History

If you have an internet connection, you can view the site history from the Site and Contact section of an appointment.


You can view all previous appointments at that site, filter to only show appointments related to the current job, or choose to include future appointments which have not yet taken place.


Selecting any appointment will open up the appointment's details, including:

  • Operative name
  • Job Description and References
  • Planned and Actual Dates
  • Completed Activities
  • Appointment Resolution Notes
  • Additional Appointment Reason and Notes (if available)



Improved Notifications

Recently, we have received some reports of surveys not downloading to the app and appointments not syncing from the app in very rare cases. As well as improving the stability in this area, we have also added more notifications to the app to ensure that users are aware of the issue and what they need to do to resolve it.

This message will be displayed if a particular appointment has failed to sync as expected Sync_Issue.png

This message will be displayed if surveys have failed to download to the app as expected.


Photos on Enhanced Surveys

When completing Enhanced Surveys on your mobile app, you can take images directly from the survey. Please note, there is still an issue with the number of photos you can add to a survey which we are continuing to work on.


Version 28.6.1079 (25 March 2020)

What's New?

  • NEW FEATURE: Retry or remove non-photo items that have failed to sync in the Notifications Centre.

If there are any items that have failed to sync from the mobile app, they will display in the Notifications Centre which can be found in your app settings.


Selecting one of these non-photo items now gives you two options, Retry or Remove.


  • Retry will attempt to sync this information again, this will also remove the item from this page unless it once again fails to sync
  • Remove will delete the failed items completely. Only select this option if you are sure you don't want this information to be sent back to the Oneserve system. If you select Remove, you will see the following message:


Version 28.4.1058 (26 February 2020)

What’s New?

  • NEW FEATURE: New Asset Search Page
  • NEW FEATURE: Scan Barcodes when searching for, editing or adding assets.
  • Enhanced Survey queue management improvements
  • Fixed bug where viewing submitted survey data was not displaying correctly

Asset Search
If you have asset surveys, you can now search for the survey you want by the survey asset details. To do this, click on the Search button on the Surveys page (please note, this will only display if you have Asset Surveys on the appointment).


You will then be able to search by the asset name or asset ref


Barcode Scanner
You can now scan a barcode when searching for, editing or adding assets by clicking on the barcode icon.

This will populate the search bar or Asset Ref fields.


The barcode scanner can only read the following fonts:

Barcode Type Android iOS


Version 28.0.1043 (13 February 2020)

What’s New?

  • You can now set photos you take through the app to be saved in your gallery with the ‘Save Photos to Gallery’ setting in your Preferences
  • You can now view your appointments by status rather than by day with the ‘Group Appointments By Status’ setting in your Preferences
  • Speed and stability improvements to Enhanced Surveys, you can now view your survey submission if you have an internet connection

Group Appointments by Status
You can see your appointments in a new way. To have a look at the new view, go to Settings > Preferences and select Group Appointments By Status. You will then see your appointments grouped by ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’.


You can change this setting at any time in your Preferences.

Save Photos to Gallery
Any photos you take through the app can now be saved to your gallery if required. To activate this setting, go to Settings > Preferences and select Save Photos to Gallery


Version 28.0.1012 (22 January 2020)

What’s New?

  • Fixed issue where notes were not expanding
  • Speed and stability improvements to Enhanced Surveys

Version 28.0.999 (3 January 2020)

What’s New?

  • App speed and stability improvements
  • Resolved an issue which caused some activities not to save properly
  • Added the ability to upload .png image files