Enhanced Surveys - Use Cases


Enhanced Surveys allows you to create complex surveys in Oneserve, including generating PDFs of survey submissions. Contact Oneserve to ensure that you have this feature activated.

When would you want Enhanced Surveys

These are the requirements that Enhanced Surveys provide a solution for:

  • I need to capture photos in a survey
  • I need to capture signatures in a survey
  • I need to Create conditional questions
  • I need to create a PDF certificate from a survey
  • I already use a third party survey tool and want my operative to complete all of their tasks on one app
  • I complete complex site inspections/assessments

When would you not want Enhanced Surveys?

These are scenarios that Enhanced Surveys do not currently manage:

Tool needed to add/update/service assets (e.g gas servicing)

This can be done with Basic Surveys + Integration

Tool needed to complete iterative surveys (one person starts a survey and then someone else progresses it)

This can be done with Basic Surveys + Integration

Survey results need to update Views/Dashboards/Analytics

This can be done with Basic Surveys

They want to generate documents containing both Oneserve and survey information together

This is something that has been raised a couple of times and falls outside the scope of what this survey builder is.