Viewing Jobs Process Rights



Jobs in Oneserve contain a lot of information, some of which may not be important to certain users. You can specify what user types can view specific information by applying the following user type rights.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Additional Details
JRE Display Job - Resources Tab Access to the resource tab to view and schedule appointments along with resource appointment time  
VJA Display Job - Attributes Tab Access to the attribute tab on a job. Attributes can appear on the survey tab if a survey has been assigned but this will depend on your configuration  
JAC Display Job - Activities Tab Access to the Activity tab to view what work has been required for the job  
VJP Display Job - Parts Tab Access to the Parts tab on a job to review and assign stock parts for the job. Once parts have been requested or added a cost entry will appear on the job cost tab  
VSU View Job Surveys Access to the Survey tab against jobs, Options to complete a survey, review existing survey responses or assign additional surveys  
JJH Display Job - Job History Tab Access to the history tab on a job to review the what, when and who has performed actions on the job.  
JDO Display Job - Documents Tab Access to the documents tab to view photos, job sheets and invoices  
JCO Display Job - Costs Tab Access to the cost tab on a job  
JFS Display Job - Financial Summary Tab View the summary fields on job cost to see the actual and estimated margins  
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