Working With Jobs Process Rights



These rights can be used to control what actions a user type can perform on jobs across your Oneserve system.

User Type Rights

Managing Jobs

Code Name Description Additional Details
VERAR Approve/Reject Job Versions If you use approval rules for versioning you will need this right to Approve/Reject job version. Against the approval rule you will need to set the user type that should be able to approve jobs using each rule. Approval rules can be used to stop new versions approving automatically after costs and activities have been amended. It will allow you to control what users can approve different cost levels
VERN Cancel Job Versions The option to cancel a new job version which will return the job to the previous version  
CANJO Cancel Job Provides the option to cancel or abort a job, this can be accessed using the Options dropdown against a job  
REI Re-instate Job Will allow a user to reinstate a cancelled or aborted job, it will return the job to the most recent version  
JOBLI Link Job The ability to link jobs together with additional access to remove links. Linked jobs will appear on the job details page with the key information about the job displayed in a table view.  
VIN View Work Log This will allow the user to access the version history and additional job details by clicking on the Work Log reference from the Job details page This is useful to review older versions of the job and to change details such as the reported date  

Job Resource

Code Name Description Additional Details
JRE Display Job – Resource Tab Access to the Job Resource tab to view/manage appointments and resource time  
TAM Time Addition/Modification Option to manually add working and travel time for resources. This will allow desktop users add time that hasn't been recorded by your mobile workforce  
IRTC Individually Recalculate Time Costs This will allow the recalculate button to appear next to individual working/travel time entries which can be used to update the costs records.  
JRTC Job Recalculate Time Costs This will determine if the the button called Recalculate will be available for the user. This will recalculate the cost for all resource time enteries on the job.  
UWTME Update Work Time in Measured Stage Allow resource time to be amended once the job has passed the job measured flag. Measured is controlled using the job status and it is used to restrict the amount of changes once the job is being prepared to invoice, complete, close  

Job Activities

Code Name Description Additional Details
MWI Modify Activities The option to add new activities and modify existing job activities  
MTS Mandatory Team Selection By default new job activities don't require a team. This right will make it mandatory to assign a team before new activities can be assigned to the job. This will be beneficial to subcontractor users who have the User Team Filtering option enabled because they will only view activities that have one of their users team assigned  
PO_FROM_ACT Create PO from activities This right will allow Purchase Orders being raised using job activity. Users will need to have access to the Purchase Order pages to open the orders, please view the Stock section for more details  
ACOM Activity Completion This right will allow the green tick for activity completion to show on the Job Activity tab  
VIEW_JOB_ACTIVITY_SALES Display Job - Sales column of Activities Tab This right will allow the user to see the Sales column when you are adding new activities to a job. If you are using job versioning you will need to create a new version before you can access the add activity option  

Job History

Code Name Description Additional Details
JJH Display Job - Job History Access to the history tab for a job  
NOT Notes/Queries/Instructions Users will require this right if they need to add notes and events to the job history tab  

Job Cost

Code Name Description Additional Details
JCO Display Job – Cost Tab Access to the cost tab for a job  
VJC View Job Costs Option to review the Costs assigned to a job  
VINTC View Internal Costs Visibility of the cost column on the Job Cost tab. By default it will only show the Sales column  
MJCCI Show Cost Item Tree, Show Search and Show Cost Item Summary Links Allow users to add activities to a job using the different searching methods. (If you use version you will also need the right for Create/Submit Job Versions [VERCS])  
JFS Display Job - Financial Summary Tab Option to review the Financial Summary for a job  
AJC Approve Job Cost Job Costs can change status depending on their approval setting. This right will provide the button to approve a pending cost or reject it  
RCI Create Job Cost Reversal Allow the button required to reverse a job cost entry to be available  
MJC Modify Job Costs Option to change and add new costs on the job cost tab  
MCC Modify Cost Complete Job Ability to make alterations to the costs once the job has passed the completed stage  
UCOME Update Costs in Measured Stage Ability to make alterations to the costs if the job is at a measured stage (Measured is set against the job status)  
AJCMC Add Job Cost Modify Cost Option to set a cost value when the user adds or modify manual costs against a job. Without this right the cost field will not be visible  
AJCMS Add Job Cost Modify Sales Option to set a sales value when the user adds or modify manual costs against a job. Without this right the sales field will not be visible  
EJCST Edit Sales job cost This right will allow a user to edit the cost or sales of a manually added job without considering the state, eg estimated or actual. If this right is removed a user will only have the option to update the cost type when the cost has a actual state  
CHPOS Change Posting Type This right will allow modifications to the posting type against a cost entry. If you add a job cost manually you will be able to set the posting type before the cost creation and on the edit job cost page  
INVCR Create Invoices Required for the invoice stage of the workflow to automatically create the invoice number or you can click on the create invoice option from the Job Cost tab  

Job Survey

Code Name Description Additional Details
'JSU' Display Job - Surveys Tab. Access to the survey tab for a job  
'SUEOS' Edit survey after it has been saved The ability to continue to make modifications to a survey once it has been saved but not yet completed  
'MSU' Modify Job Surveys This will be required for users to add a survey to a individual job or modify the job survey details  
'ASU' Approve Job Surveys The ability to mark a survey as approved  

Job Parts

Code Name Description Additional Details
VJP Display Job - Parts Tab Access to the Parts tab for a job  
JOB_PARTS_ADD_PART Add Parts Used on Job Parts Control over the add button on the Job Part tab. A user will have the ability to assign a part in stock from a store to the job, this will also add a entry under the job cost tab  
JOB_PARTS_ADD_AS_PENDING Add Job Parts as Pending This right will allow requested parts to be added to a job with a status of Pending instead of the default value of Requested. It will require a user to approve the pending parts before a purchase order can be raised using the right below (JOB_PARTS_CONFIRM_REQUESTE_PARTS). This will allow a user type to review all stock request before the order has been placed  
JOB_PARTS_CONFIRM_REQUEST_PARTS Job Part Confirm Requested Parts If you are using the right above 'Add Job Parts as Pending' you will need one of you user type to have this right to confirm pending parts. A button will be available on the job part tab to accept the pending parts before it can be assigned to a purchase order and sent to one of your vendors  
JOB_PARTS_DISPLAY_COST Display cost on Job Parts On the Job Part tab you will see a column for Cost against the parts. This right will determine if the user can view this information. Requesting a part against a job will have the option to modify the part cost if the user has this right  
UJPME Update Job Parts in Measured State This will allow users to make amendments and assign additional parts to a job. A job will have a measured flag depending on the job status which will restrict users making alterations once the job passes a particular stage in the workflow  
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