Sites & Contacts Process Rights



Sites and contacts represent the places in which and the people for whom work is performed using Oneserve. These rights allow you to grant specific user types the access they need to work with sites and contacts.

User Type Rights

Viewing Site Details

Code Name Description Additional Details
SWO Display Site - Work Tab. Access to the Work tab for a site, this will show the jobs that have been raised against the site  
SCO Display Site - Contacts Tab. Access to the Contacts tab for a Site  
SLO Display Site - Locations Tab. Access to the Location tab for a Site, this tab will be required for assets to be created and deleted  
SPS Display Site - Preferred Suppliers Tab. Access to the Teams tab for a Site. You can set a preferred team which will allow a job to be raised and auto assigned to the selected team instead of using the work type default team or aphetically from the team list  
SAS Display Site - Assets Tab. Access to the Assets tab for a Site  
SDO Display Site - Documents Tab. Access to the Document tab for a Site  
SDVSA Site Details - View Site Attributes Access to the Site Attributes tab for a Site  
SWP Site - Work Programmes Tab Visibility to see the Work Programme tab against a Site. This will show any work programmes running against the site and the option to create a new entry. Please review the Work Programme section for more details  

Working with Sites

Code Name Description Additional Details
SIM Site Maintenance (Process) Options to Modify/Archive and create a new site using a copy of a site.  
MSL Modify Site Locations Users will be able to add/edit/delete locations against a site  
QJCLOCF Show Location/Asset Field on QJC Enables the location and asset fields to be available when a user creates a new job. Locations and assets are assigned against activities to provide the mobile resource additional information on what work has been requested  
MSA Modify Site Assets The ability to add/edit/delete assets against a site  
MST Modify Site Attributes Users will be able to add/edit/delete attributes against a site  
MSP  Create and Modify Points of Interest Users will be able to add/rename/disable Points of Interest against a site       


Code Name Description Additional Details
ADD_CONTACT Contact The ability to create a new contact on a site  
MCO Modify Contacts Enables the ability to add/edit contacts