Search Process Rights



Oneserve's search pages allow the user to perform powerful search queries on jobs, sites, contacts, assets, and appointments across the system. The following user type rights grant different user type different levels of access to actions within these pages.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Additional Details
OQL_FINANCIAL_INFO Job Search - view financial info Ability to see and use Total Costs and Total Sales columns on the job search tab. To add these columns to a search view you will need to use the cog on the search page  
QSEARCH Quick Search Box Enables the quick search box in the main header bar, This will allow users to search for sites and jobs throughout the application  
OQL_ADVANCED_QUERY Search - advanced oql query The ability to use the advanced query box on the search page, this will allow users to create complex searches and views. Basic filters can be used before turning the search into the advance view, the help centre contains more information about what you can achieve using the advanced search  
MANAGE_SEARCH_CRITERIA Search - Manage search criteria Control around the basic filters, the cog to control what columns are used for the results and the option to save and share search views. This right will need to be assigned to any user type who need to build and save views but for basic and view only users you can remove the complexity to the search pages so its easier for them to use. Without this right users can still access search views shared with the, and have the option to search using Job numbers and site address  
SEARCH_PAGE_SHOW_ALL Determines if the 'All' option is available in the search pages The search page will default to the 'All' option if you have this right assigned. Without this right you would be directed to a empty search page or the first shared view in the list. This will prevent user types accessing all information if they should only have access to a reduced amount of data. This right will grant permission to the All option for Jobs, Sites, Contacts, Assets and Appointments  
ALLOW_DATA_EXPORT Allow Data Export This right will be used in multiple areas of the application as well as the search pages. It will determine if the export icon will be available on the page so you can control what type of users should be able to export data out of the system