Modifying Jobs Process Rights



A lot of information contained in jobs in Oneserve is editable, and a lot of processes can be performed on jobs to fit your workflow. You can control which user type can perform what actions using the rights in this document.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Additional Details
VERCS Create/Submit Job Versions Option to create a new job version and submit it. Versions are used for audit history, New versions allows users to edit job details, add/remove activities and modify costs. Submitting a new version can control job approval rules if costs have been altered Users will require the JAM user type right before they can use the create version buttons
JAM Job/Incident Addition/Modification Option to modify several job and work log details This right controls a couple of options to modify a job, including the option to Modify Contact. This button appears on a new version and allows the user to change the contact name or contact details against the job or add a new contact. The option to 'Change Job Details' on the job details page is controlled by this right. Users can have a option to Create and Submit Job Version but this right is still required for the button to appear
EJCR Edit Job Client Ref The option to alter the client reference on a job  
MPD Modify Planned Dates To be able to change the Planned Start and End dates on a job when you are changing job details. Planned dates are automatically populated by the earliest appointment planned start time and latest planned end time.  
MAD Modify Actual Dates Ability to change the actual start and end date whilst on the modify job detail screen. Actual dates are automatically populated by appointment actual times.  
MTD MTD - Modify Target Date The job priority will automatically calculate the job target date but this right will allow a user to alter the target date field.  
JOBCO MTD - Modify Target Date Ability to change the Coding field on the job details page There is a separate right to allow coding to be set on the job create screen called "[QJCJOC] - QJC - Edit Coding Field" and it can be made mandatory on new jobs using the "[QJC_CODING_MANDATORY] - QJC - Make Coding Mandatory" right
ALL Re-Allocate Jobs Allows users to change the team for the job appointment on the scheduler. Without the right the users will only see the team name from the job on the scheduler. This right also controls the option to re-assign the team/service on a job. The job status needs to be at Pending or in progress and the job requires a new version  
MJC Modify Job Costs Option to change and add new costs on the job cost tab  
MCC Modify Cost Complete Job Allow cost modifications and new cost entries on the job cost tab once the job has pasted the completed job status  
UCOME Update Costs in Measured Stage Allow cost modifications and new cost entries on the job cost tab once the job has reached the measured stage (Measured is a flag that you set against the job status and will be determined where the status will be within the workflow)  
UACME Update Activities in Measured Stage Ability to add additional activities to a job once it has passed the measured stage (Measured is set against the job status)  
MJTS Modify Job Team/Service If a job has a Pending (Blue badge) or In Progress (Orange badge) job status group you will have the option to change the Job team or Service. The right will allow the button to appear in the Option dropdown against a job. If you use our job versioning functionality a new version will need to be created first The right to create job versions is 'Create/Submit Job Versions' VERCS