Appointments & Scheduling Process Rights



Scheduling appointments is an integral part of the Oneserve system, and making sure that users can do what they need to is important to making sure you can work effectively. The following rights allow you to grant abilities to specific user types to help them get things done efficiently.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Additional Details
MFS Manage Fixed Scheduler This right will allow users to make changes to appointments on the fixed scheduler. If a user type will be creating or rescheduling appointments they will require this right. By removing this right from a user type you will provide a view only access to the scheduler.  
APO Appointment Making Option to create appointments for a job  
CFA Create a fixed appointment This will be required to create appointments on the fixed scheduler  
CPA Create a pooled appointment This will be required to create appointments on the pooled scheduler  
CAT Change appointment type Option on the scheduler you can change the appointment type to be fixed or pooled. Open the scheduler page, double click on the appointment and in the pop up box use the type button. This will be useful if you are running the nightly optimiser because it will only move pooled appointments.  
SCH_MOD_SUPPLIER Scheduler - modify supplier The option to switch the selected supplier/team within the dropdown for the scheduler  
CSA Change Supplier when creating Appointment The option to change the team when you are creating appointments. Without this right users will be able to see the team name but unable to select  
SCH_MOD_RESOURCE Scheduler - modify resource The option to select different resource names within the resource dropdown. Against a user account if they have a mobile team and resource assigned you can set the scheduler to use these values. Without this right the user will only be able to view their own resource.
SCH_MOD_RES_ZONE Scheduler - modify resource zone The option to use the resource zone coverage dropdown. You will need the following two rights for a user to access the different options within this dropdown (PCODA,PCODS) Postcode coverage is set at a resource level and it could consist of, cover all postcodes, specify postcodes that have been entered or working areas
PCODA Change to Post Code Any This right will allow the Unrestricted option to be available within the resource coverage dropdown. This will allow the appointment to be scheduled to any resource without using the resource working area restrictions Users will need the SCH_MOD_RES_ZONE right to use the dropdown on the scheduler
PCODS Change to Post Code Primary and Secondary This right will allow the Primary and Secondary option to be available within the resource coverage dropdown. It will look at the postcode coverage against the resource before creating the appointment. Users will need the SCH_MOD_RES_ZONE right to use the dropdown on the scheduler
SCH_MOD_SER_SKILLS Scheduler - modify service skills The option to use the Primary/Secondary dropdown for resource service. Users will need the following right to have the option for the secondary service available Against the resource account under admin you can configure services to be primary or secondary, this will help determine if resources will be available by default or require this drop-down to be overwritten with the secondary skill option
SERSE Change to Service Primary and Secondary This will allow the Secondary service to be selected within the service dropdown if the user has the right above (SCH_MOD_SER_SKILLS)  
SCH_MOD_PRIORITY Scheduler - modify priority The option to update the priority for the job  
SCH_MOD_DURATION Scheduler - override duration The option to change the duration on the appointment so it doesn’t use the default duration from the activities  
AET Assign Non-Emergency Appt to Emergency Slot Ability to select the override priorities option on the schedulers so a user can assign normal priority appointments to emergency slot. Allocated time types for working can be configured to automatically allow certain priority jobs to use the time. If the priority hasn't been linked to the time type the override priorities button will need to be selected to allow the appointment to be booked with the time event
AAP Auto Appointment This will allow a user to select the Auto Appointment button on the Pooled scheduler. The appointments target date will need to be in the future and the team will need to have availability for the type of appointment for the auto appointment to work
RSA Reschedule an appointment The ability to reschedule appointments to a different date/time and/or operative. The Reschedule option will be available within Actions dropdown on the Job Resource tab.  
RSC Create Conflicting Appointment This right will allow an appointment to be created that might conflict with another appointment.  
RSPAP Create fixed appointment in the past The option to create fixed appointments for a date/time in the past. This could be used to schedule out of hours work after it has taken place to capture the details on what has taken place.  
AAC Add Appointment to Complete Job Using this right will allow the 'Schedule Appointment' button to be available once the job has reached a complete job status group, this will be indicated by the job status name using a colour badge that is not dark blue or orange.  
AAM Appointment Addition/Modification (Old RS) With this right the user will be able to use the Actions dropdown against the appointment on the Job Resource tab. This will include Cancel and Update, to have the reschedule option the user will need the RSA right  
RSR Resolve Conflicting Appointment Ability to resolve appointments that are showing as conflicting on the conflicting appointment screen.  
RWD Reset Work Diary Option to reset any changes to the Scheduler that have occurred pre-commit. This will move the uncommitted appointments back to the original time and resource.  
SCH_MOD_MULTIDAY Scheduler - multiday appointments The ability to select the multi-day option on the scheduler, this will allow appointments to be booked over many days/  
SCH_MOD_NOTIFICATION Scheduler - notifications The ability to select or deselect the notification field. If the field has been selected it will queue any notifications that have been triggered  
ROUTE_VIEW_ENGINEER_LOCATIONS Route View - View Engineer Locations You will need access to the route view page (ROUTE_VIEW) and have you mobile operatives using the new mobile application. This right will display the location of the resources using the new mobile, the location will be updated as the resources move between appointments This right requires coordinates, access to the route view page and using the new mobile application where you can set resources locations to be tracked