Optimiser | Messaging and Alerts


Optimiser | Messaging and Alerts


This page takes you through the different alerts produced by the optimiser and what they mean.

In order for the optimiser to run you will need postcodes against all resources within your team, postcodes against sites and the appointments will need to be Pooled.


Within the alert page you may see entries for Overcommittal, this will appear per team and day combination.


If you hover over the alert warning symbol you will be able to view the team and date.


This alert can be caused by a number of different reasons, the list below covers the common reasons. The majority of the reasons would require the appointment to be rescheduled to a suitable resource to prevent the scheduler becoming overcommitted.

1. Conflicting Appointments

If you click on the word Overcommittal it will open the scheduler to the correct team and date for the alert. Check the appointments to see if you have any conflicts between appointment times, this will be shown by the appointment having a red border and a red dot to show the conflicting jobs details.


Action Required: Reschedule the appointments so they have enough time for the resource to complete the work on time.

2. Appointments scheduled over Non-Working time

If you assign non-working time to a Resource with appointments it will cause the appointment to conflict. If the appointments are not rescheduled it could cause the overcommitted alert because these appointments are not using working time.


Action Required: Delete the resources non-working time or reschedule the appointments to a resource who has availability.

3. Appointments have insufficient drive time

If you change the postcode or coordinates against a site or resource after appointments have been scheduled you could see Insufficient drive times. This will be highlighted with a purple border around the appointment and in the details box, it will show the available drive time compare to the expected drive time.

As the optimiser requires sites and resources to all have postcodes or coordinates you might have just entered a value in these fields, unless you reschedule all appointments with insufficient drive times or wait for new appointments to be scheduled using the correct drive time calculation you may see a number of overcommitted alerts.


Action Required: Reschedule the appointments so it can calculate the correct drive time with the new details which will allow the appointment to have enough time on the scheduler.

4. Resource Efficiencies

Against your Resource Services, you will have the option to apply an efficiency rating which will determine if the resource requires additional time to complete the appointment or less. If you are applying efficiencies for resources after appointments have been scheduled it could lead to the scheduler being overcommitted.

Negative efficiency will require additional time, positive efficiency will reduce the appointment duration.


If you double click on the appointment in the scheduler you will see the duration the appointment requires which is 125 for the example but the scheduler only has room for 90 minutes.


Action Required: If you reschedule the appointment it would use the new duration of 125, therefore, it wouldn't allow the scheduler to become overcommitted.

5. The Resources don't cover the service of the job

If you delete resource services/skills after the appointment has been booked it will cause a problem for the optimiser. The optimiser will try and rebuild the scheduler as it is before trying to recalculate the most optimised day but it will fail if it can reassign the appointments to the original resource.

If you double click on the Appointment you will be able to view the services against the activities, you will need to open the Resource admin page and under the Service/Rates tab check the resource still has the service assigned.



Action Required: If the service has been removed you can reassign the service to the resource or reschedule the appointment for another resource who covers the service.

6. The Resources don't cover the postcode of the jobs

Similar to point 5, if you change the working areas for a resource you can cause an overcommitted scheduler because a resource will not be valid for a job they already have assigned. The working area would check if the resource covers all postcodes, if they have a working area assigned or if individual postcodes have been entered against the resource. If these values don't match the postcode for the job the resource cannot fulfil that appointment.


Action Required: Add the postcode or area to the Resource detail screen/ working area or reschedule the appointment for another resource who covers the service

7. Postcodes for a Resource or Site

If you are missing a postcode against a site or a resource or the details are invalid the optimiser will fail to run, this is due to the default 10 minute drive time the scheduler will allocate to the appointment. The optimiser will fail instead of trying to benefit by using the appointment with 10 minutes drive time to be scheduled in a place where it has the biggest drive time-saving. This will prevent a resource having a schedule where they are unable to fulfil all of the appointments on time because they cannot travel to the appointments with the given drive times

Site - If you look at your scheduler, the appointments will show [No Postcode] under the address line. You will need to update the site details to contain a postcode and check your scheduler for insufficient drive times before the optimiser can run successfully.


Resource - If you have a resource missing a home postcode you will need to set a value by opening the Admin menu - Resource page and against the individual resources set the home postcode.


If you are not using postcodes you will need to have coordinates set against your sites and resources for the optimiser to pass with missing postcodes.

Coordinates Alerts

We would recommend using our Coordinate functionality if you are using the optimiser because it will report on sites and resources missing coordinates. This will highlight any records where the postcodes are missing or incorrect data that could prevent the optimiser running.