Known Issue with Coordinates

We have been informed by Google who we have partnered with to deliver Geo-Coordinates that a small update will be required for us to continue delivering the full benefit of our Coordinates feature and Route View page.  

This required change will allow the map views against site and resources along with the route view page to continue to work the same. Without this change, we could encounter the issues outlined below.

Route View

Without this change, it could have resulted in the route view page displaying the warning message to show a resource's route cannot be displayed as some appointments have unknown locations. This will be due to jobs being raised against new sites where the coordinates were not generated. Screen_Shot_2018-08-03_at_13.32.36.png


By using our coordinate functionality you will have a map view and latitude/longitude values displayed on the Site Details tab. This change will ensure the map will still be visible on this page






The map on the job details page will continue to appear next to the address with the change we have developed. 





This issue has been solved - Version 22.0.10

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