Annotate and Rename Images


Users can now annotate and rename images when adding them to an appointment either from the camera or the gallery.

Activate the feature from the Preferences section of the Settings


Taking Photos

When you take a photo through the app, you will now be presented with the edit photo screen.


Annotation Tools

You can rename the image in the Filename box. The system will automatically remove or replace any characters that will prevent the file from saving.


You can choose from a selection of colours and pen sizes when annotating the image. There are undo and redo buttons available for any mistakes.


Once you have completed the annotation, click on the tick on the top right hand side of the screen to save your annotated image to the job.

Selecting from the gallery

When you select photos from your device gallery, you will now be presented with the Edit Gallery page before the photos are saved to the job.


You can then edit each image individually before you save them to the job. You can delete any individual image, or select 'Back' to remove all images from the gallery without saving them to the job. When you have edited and renamed all of the images you want, select the tick to add them to the job.


Once you add the images to the job, you will not be able to edit them again.