Points of Interest Tab


The Points of Interest tab on a site allows users to create and manage multiple lat/long coordinates at a site to schedule activities with more accuracy.


Clicking on the Points of Interest tab will show you all Points of Interest at the site both as a list and displayed as pins on a map


Please note: If you don't have an Points of Interest against the site, the map will show the world. However once you have added at least one Point of Interest, the map will focus on the Points of Interest location.

Adding Points of Interest

Click on the + button to add a new Point of Interest


Enter a Name, Latitude and Longitude for the POI, the location of the Point of Interest defaults to the same as the site, you can also set the Lat/Long coordinates by clicking and dragging the pin on the map. Once you have entered the correct information, click Save.


You can now see the new Point of Interest.

Editing a Point of Interest

You can rename any Points of Interest by double-clicking on the relevant Point of Interest.


Once you have made the changes you want, click Update to save them. Please note, you cannot edit the Lat/Long coordinates of a Point of Interest, if this information is incorrect, you can disable the Point of Interest and create a new one.

Disabling a Point of Interest

You can disable and Points of Interest by selecting the required Points of Interest and clicking the Disable icon to the right of the +, which is displayed as a bin.


A message will display to check you are sure you want to disable the selected Points of Interest


Once disabled, the Point of Interest will be hidden by default. You can view any disabled Points of Interest by clicking Show Disabled


Using a Point of Interest

You can assign a Point of Interest to a Job or Work Programme if you wish. If you are creating Jobs or Work Programmes at a site with at least one Point of Interest, you will have the option of selecting one of the Points of Interest for it.

POIJob.png POIWP.png

Selecting the Point of Interest will mean that it's Lat/Long coordinates will be used when scheduling any appointments for that Job or Work Programme.


Work Programmes with Points of Interest

You can include Points of Interest with your work programmes if required, however this needs to be activated on your database. I would like to use Points of Interest with your work programmes, please contact Oneserve Support.

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