Oneserve Data cut - Example



The data cut is intended to provide a solid base from which to query Oneserve operational data in a safe environment. To allow for any possible queries on said information the export is in the form of a ‘cut down’ SQL server Oneserve instance database. All recipients of this database will be able to query all the data with their own logic.

Insight Into Oneserve

For the purpose of this document this section will focus only on details relevant to the Data Cut interface. It is included to provide a basic understanding of the high level architecture of Oneserve and to aid in querying the data provided when the interface is live. As such this information is subject to change.


The Oneserve architecture regarding orders is shown in the below ERD. Oneserve ‘Jobs’ are built from the top down starting at Worklogs. A Worklog holds high level attributes such as the property, tenant details and a high level description of the work needed. In order for operatives to attend and costs to be attributed a job(s) is created belonging to the Worklog.

The job will have specific descriptions of what work is to be done and of what type that work is (carpentry, electrical etc) how many jobs is required per Work log is down to how the contract is set up to operate.



Against a job(s) there may be a number of appointments. Appointment attributes are all to do with actual visits to the properties and will include who went at what time and how long for etc.

A job may also be assigned several activities; these are high detail descriptions of individual work aspects based on a schedule of rates e.g. 2 x Fix tap.


Job Costs

Job costs are assigned to jobs and may also be related to an activity. Alternatively they may have no relationship to an SOR, a late appointment charge for example.


Job Events

Events can be related to jobs or work logs and are mainly concerned with ad hoc activity. Events can be generated either by the system or by an end user.



Every job in Oneserve has to be created against a site, each site can have many contacts.




Stock Management


Activities and Supplier Costs


Calendar and Holidays


Resource Working Time


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