Release Notes

Scheduler Enhancements

All Suitable

Depending on your team and resource set up you may have resources that cover particular services and working areas. 

A new filter selection has been created called 'All Suitable'. This will be the default selection in the Resource dropdown when you create a new appointment on the Fixed or Pooled scheduler.

The count after the All Suitable option will show how many resources are included in the count, this will inform the user how many resources they can schedule for.


If you change the working area to be primary and secondary/any or primary and secondary for services the 'All Suitable' value can increase depending on your resource configuration.

The resource count will be useful on the pooled scheduler as it will be an indicator to the user as to how many resources it could be booked to and on the fixed scheduler it will only display the suitable resources which will make it easier to view the team's availability without the need to scroll up and down the resource list. The option for 'All' will still be available so users can select this option to use the existing scheduler behaviour.

More details can be found here

Conflicting Red Dot

The scheduler will display a red dot against appointments if the time overlaps with another appointment or non-working time. Currently, this only appears on Pending (Blue) and Complete (Green) appointments. This functionality has been expanded to allow the red dot to appear against in progress appointments.

If a resource starts an appointment late it will update the schedule with the actual start time, the appointment could be moved over the top of another pending appointment which can prevent a scheduler user seeing the other appointment details.

With the addition of the red dot it will allow a user to view the job number for the appointment behind the in-progress appointment, the scheduler can access the pending appointment to reschedule to another time or resource if it looks like the start time will be missed. This will help improve customer service to prevent appointments being missed. 


Cloud Document Storage

Oneserve will store Job and Site documents which includes your photos, job sheets, invoice documents and files uploaded to the system. We have improved our storage services which will provide unlimited storage and the option to upload videos.

Video Capability 
If you would like to upload videos against a Job or a Site please contact your account manager or our support desk who will work with you to enable this feature. 

Document Delete Confirmation 
A confirmation box has been added to the delete action against Job and Site documents. This will ensure users would like to complete the deletion process as this action is irreversible. 



Job Cost Rounding

Job costs are shown throughout the Oneserve application. Jobs are created using individual job cost rows to form an overall total cost and total sales but we had scenarios where the costs were rounded differently depending on the pages you were accessing within the application which prevented the job costs matching. 

We have addressed our rounding methods so your job costs will match for the following pages

  • Job Cost tab - The individual cost rows and the summary which calculate the total cost and total sales. 
  • Job Search Views - The total cost and total sale columns
  • Bulk Job Update process

If you used our document generation option for invoices, quotes etc and experience these documents rounding the cost values differently to our desktop application please contact our support desk so we can review the configuration of your document templates for the invoice/quotes.

Our cost columns can record values up to 4 decimal places and our quantity fields can have 5 decimal places.  


New Mobile Application

(Android version)

In this release we are launching the first version of our new mobile application. The initial release will be supported on Android devices but we are looking to bring you an Apple iOS version very soon. 

The initial release is being made available to Partners who have been engaged in our Early Adopters Programme (EAP). 

If you are interested in trial the new mobile in Live, then please email George Chilcott ( who will get in touch to provide more details and discuss next steps with you.


Engineer Location Tracking 

(Requires our New Mobile Application)

This will allow you to view the location of your resources on the 'Route View' page within the desktop application. By visualising the location of your mobile workers in real time on a map it will allow your desktop users to track the resources against their planned route, help to improve the productivity, utilisation and safety of your remote teams. 

Against your resources accounts you can enable a new setting called 'Engineer Location' this will work with the New Mobile application.


The new mobile application will require the user to allow Oneserve to access their mobile location


The mobile location will be displayed on the Route View page within the desktop application. 

- The last seen will only appear on the current day

- It will only display the resources last known location 




Small enhancement and fixes

Application or Service Function Description of Enhancement or Bug Fix Changes to Operational Practices Product Availablity
Activities Activities can be linked to form a Parent and Child relationship, By adding the parent activity to a job it will automatically assign add the child activities. The Job Activity tab has been modified to allow the child activities to be added to the job manually without the need to add the parent activity. If you modify existing jobs or create new jobs the child activities can be added to the job activity tab and you will be able to schedule a new appointment for this activity. Parent and child activities cannot be configured using the desktop application so please contact our support desk if you would like to know more about this functionality. Enterprise
API Our Contact/Contact API allows new contacts to be created and assigned to a site, we have added a check to ensure the contact type is not null and if a value is entered that doesn't match your methods it will default to be a Home Phone. If you are using the API you will not need to make a change, f you enter a contact method that doesn't exist on your application it will default to be a home phone. Contact methods are mandatory therefore it will be required for all contacts where you are adding phone numbers or email address Enterprise 
API The GetSite API has been amended to include two additional fields from the job details, the fields are Raised date and Created date No changes will be required to call this API, the changes have been made to the response so you can view the raised and created dates.  Enterprise
API The getAppSlots API has been expanded to allow a team ID to be passed in the get request. This will allow you to retrieve appointment availability for different teams If you supply 0 or no team id it will return availability for the team assigned to the job which is the current behaviour Enterprise 
Documents Against Jobs and Sites, there is a Documents tab where you can upload documents or view system generated documents such as job letters. A confirmation box has been added to the delete action to ensure users need to delete the selected document as it cannot be retrieved after the deletion This is a design change so it will not affect your data or configuration. Users will be required to complete a extra step to delete a document.  Enterprise & Lite
Job Search The job Work Description has been added to the Job Search page so it can be used as a column within a job view Users will need to select the cog on the Job Search page to add Work Description as a column. Work Description will be available within the search view so you can view the details within a view without the need to open every job but it will not have a search filter capability.   Enterprise & Lite
Mobile Mobile users can have a stock store assigned which will allow the user to access van stock on their mobile device. From the home page the user can select Parts and the refresh button on this page has been updated so it will update the part list and quantities depending on the values for the desktop application. Mobile users will be able to use this if they have purchased additional parts or they know a desktop user has assigned additional stock to their store Post upgrade mobile users won't need to log out and back into the mobile application to view stock updates. By opening the Parts section from the home menu and select the refresh button the details will be updated.


Lite - Optional 

Optimiser The Nightly Optimiser has been improved so it can update the Appointment duration field when appointments are rescheduled. Against Resource services you can apply efficiency ratings which can increase or decrease appointment duration depending on the value you enter. When you schedule the appointment the efficiency against the resource will be used to set the duration. When the optimiser rescheduled the appointment it could move to a resource with a different efficiency rating, the change will ensure the duration field will be updated with the value suitable for the resource who is now assigned to the appointment. This change will prevent the scheduler being overcommitted because the appointment duration is kept up to date after the optimiser moves it to different resources. Existing appointments will not be affected but any optimiser runs post upgrade will use this change. Enterprise 
Scheduling The conflicting appointment page contains filters that you can use to find the conflicts you need to view, this includes a date range, team and resource. The team filter has been fixed to prevent the page from failing after you selected a value. This is a fix to allow the filters on the conflicting appointment page to return the results the user has requested Enterprise
Scheduling If you are using surveys on an appointment level it will add a new survey for every appointment booked. We had an issue where these surveys were appearing multiple times if a user created a new appointment for a job on the Fixed scheduler but moved the appointment to another resource or time before committing the appointment. Everytime the new appointment was moved before it was committed it would create a new survey record. This change will only affect new fixed appointments, if you already have jobs scheduled with duplicated surveys you will need to remove the extra job surveys manually. This problem didn't affect rescheduling fixed appointments or working with pooled appointments. Enterprise
Scheduling The pooled scheduler will calculate resource availability using the appointment duration and drive time from appointment to appointments or using resource home postcode. The process to calculate the drive time has been improved to prevent appointments being scheduled at the end of the day division with no drive time. This issue occurred in the scenario when a resource has availability at the end of a division to cover the appointment duration but not enough for the drive time calculation as well. This change to the pooled scheduler will only allow appointments to be scheduled if there is enough time for the appointment and drive time at the end of the day Appointments scheduled prior to this upgrade will not be affected or modified. This change will affect new appointments being scheduled when you have a full schedule and using the pooled scheduler. It will prevent appointments with 0 drive times if you are using the pooled scheduler.  Enterprise & Lite
Searching On the search pages you can use basic filters to change the search results, if you select multiple values in a filter and switch to the Advanced view you will see the options have been wrapped in an IN () option. The Appointment search page couldn't recognise this as a valid filter, therefore, you were unable to create advance views easily. This Appointment search has been altered to all searches that contain an IN option where you have multiple values in a filter. An example of what appointment search you could now create would be all appointments assigned to particular teams. In the basic filter on the Appointment Search tab you would search for Team, Select multiple direct teams before selecting the Advanced option. This will change the search view to be in a query string. The appointment search will now allow the following Team in ('Direct Team') This search can be saved and shared with other user types Enterprise & Lite 
Stock On the Stock Check page under the Stock menu, you will have two filters for users, the fields are called Completed By and Created By. These fields will no longer show all usernames on your system, instead, it will only display users who have completed the actions for stock check creations or completing a stock check. You will see fewer results in the Created by and Completed by fields on the stock check page as it will only show results for the people who have performed the actions. This will make it easier to filter the results using the correct name because you will not need to search over every user set up on your application.


Lite - Optional

Stock The stock check page allows you to accept and update stock if the count is more than the in stock value and if the count is lower you can transfer the difference to another stock eg a damaged/loss store. After using these actions you will now be able to use the Submit count button without the need to refresh the page. Previously the submit option wouldn't be available after using the stock line action buttons This will affect new and existing stock checks. If you currently have outstanding stock checks in your application you don't need to refresh the page between actioning a stock row and submitting the count.


Lite - Optional

Stock The details within a stock check will depend on the filters used on the stock page, the filters and values used will be added to the stock check summary field. The stock check creation has been amended to allow users to modify the summary prior to the stock check creation, this will be beneficial if you have used a lot of filters because you could change the summary field to be shorter so it's easier to read. The summary for stock checks created prior to the upgrade will not change. You will see this improvement after you select the Create Stock Check button from the Stock screen. The summary field will be prepopulated with the filter values but you can delete and update the text.


Lite - Optional

User Type Right - Contacts

Managing contacts in Oneserve was controlled by one user type right called Modify Contact, this was used to allow a user to modify and add a user on the Site-Contact tab, QJC, Job - Modify contact

Modify Contacts [MCO] has been renamed to Modify Site Contact - It will be used on the Site Contact tab

A new right has been created to allow users to modify the contact details on the create job and clone job screens. The name of this right is called QJC - Edit Contact Details

Another new right has been created called Modify Job Contact [MJC] - This right will control the access to the Modify Contact on the Job Detail page. If you are using job versioning you will need to create a new version before you can use this option. 

User type with the original Modify Contacts [MCO] will have the two new contact rights assigned after this upgrade. You will need to open the Admin- User Type Right page to control the access if you would like to restrict you user access.

Changing the contact on the Create Job page and through the modify job contact it will update the corresponding site contact records 


Lite - Optional

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