View Job Documents on Mobile


Preview & Download Job Documents

You can view and download any documents attached to a job from the Oneserve mobile app, provided you have the right user access to view them.

Required User Rights 

For the "View Documents" option to show on mobile, the User Type Right "Display Job - Documents Tab. [JDO]" must be granted. The User will also need access to any relevant document categories.

Please note, this tool requires an internet connection.

To view documents, select the View Documents option from the Summary tab of your appointment.


The Job Documents page lists all documents on the job that you have user permissions to see, including the document type, document name and document description.


If the document is an image, you can select the thumbnail of the document to see a preview of it without having to download it to your device.


If you want to download a document, select the download option on each document you want to download individually, you can then chose to save or share the document on your device.


Please note that once you click download, the Oneserve mobile app is no longer involved with the display and management of that document, so please ensure that you are removing downloaded documents from your device within the guidelines of your organization.