Requesting Parts


Requesting Parts


Please raise a request to our support team is you wish to enable this feature for your users.   


The mobile app now enables users to request parts on appointments.

You can request parts on appointments that have not yet started. To request a part, press add and select the Part Request option.


You can also request parts if your appointment has not started or the appointment is paused. Open the appointment, press add and select the Part Request option.



This functionality requires an internet connection to work, if you don't have an internet connection, you will see a message saying you need an internet connection.


If you have an internet connection, you will see a list of parts you have access to.


You can search for a particular part or filter by part category

RequestPartsSearch.jpeg RequestPartsCategory.jpeg

You can add as many parts as you need before heading to a checkout page. Press the plus icon on the part you want.


If you want to add notes or have more control of the number of items you want to request, select the part you want and enter any relevant detail in the detail page. Click on the tick when you have added the information you need to confirm the request and retun to the request parts page.


Once you have selected all of the parts you want to request, select the Checkout shopping cart icon on the top right hand side of your screen to go to the checkout page.



On this page you can see the parts that you have requested, including the descrition, notes and units. You can edit each of the part request items if needed. Click on the tick to complete the part request.


Viewing Requested Parts

If you have an internet connection and want to see any outstanding part requests, you can do so by going to your Van Stock section and clicking See Requests on the top left hand side of the screen 



This page will show you all requests grouped by Job Ref. Please note that you cannot edit a part request once it has been submitted.


This page only lists part requests for jobs which are currently on your mobile device by default, however, you can search for any of your outstanding part requests by clicking on the Search icon on the top right hand side of the screen. The Information icon to the left of the Search icon makes this as clear as possible.