View and Add Points of Interest on Oneserve Mobile


Add & View Points of Interest on the Mobile App

This article focuses on the Points of Interest functionality on the mobile app. For more information on how Points of Interest works on Oneserve desktop, please go to the Points of Interest Desktop article.

Viewing Points Of Interest

If your appointment has been scheduled to a particular Point of Interest, you can see the Point of Interest name underneath the Site Address in the Site and Contact section of the appointment


You can see the exact location of that Point of Interest in relation to the site location by pressing the Point of Interest Name. This will take you to the Site Details and will automatically select the relevant Point of Interest for you.


You can select any of the other Points of Interest pins on the map to see their names too.


Adding Points of Interest

If you want to add a new Point of Interest to a site, select the Plus button on the bottom right-hand side of the app, you will see the new Points of Interest option.


Selecting this option will show the following screen. Press anywhere on the map to add a Point of Interest pin. Please Note you need an internet connection to use this tool.

AddPOI2.jpeg AddPOI3.jpeg

Selecting an area on the map will drop a pin. You can press elsewhere on the map or drag the pin if you want to move it. The map will automatically show the lat-long coordinates of the pin as you move it.


Once you have selected the right location for the Point of Interest, press Confirm. A window will appear requiring you to name the Point of Interest.


Once you enter the name and press OK. The Point of Interest will be saved to the site. You cannot edit a Point of Interest from the mobile app once you have created it. If you have entered a Point of Interest incorrectly, you will need to create a new one and contact your system administrator.

You can see the new Point of Interest that you have created by returning to the Site Details screen.