Scheduler Changes


Scheduling new appointments will default the resource selection to a 'All Suitable' option. This option will use the resources who meet the following requirements.

  • Resource is Active
  • Resource Services
  • Resource Working Areas

The services and working areas will depend on the filters used on the scheduler for Primary or Primary and Secondary. By changing the filters you could see the value next to the 'All Suitable' text increase because you have more resources who match the jobs requirement. 



The service field will be disabled on the pooled scheduler but on the fixed scheduler you will be able to modify the options. By default, it will select the services from the chosen job activities for the new appointment. If you have multiple job activities but you change the section for the new appointment the service drop-down will update to only include the services from the remaining activities. 



The resource filter can be changed to select individual resources or use the All option. If you use one of these options instead of 'All Suitable' you will return resources that might not be available for your appointment. 






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