API Changes


GetSite API


By running this API you will have two additional fields in your response, this will show the dates against the job.

  • ReportedDateTime
  • CreatedDateTime




Team ID has been added to the GetAppSlots API so you can pass the Team ID to determine what availability you will see in the response. If you don't supply a team ID or its set to 0 it will use the default team assigned to the job

If you dont need to set the service or working area coverage you can add the team id after the startdate. 





If you enter a contact method that doesn't exist on your application it will default to be a home phone. Contact methods are mandatory therefore it will be required for all contacts where you are adding phone numbers or email address. For the API you will be looking for the fields called Contact1Type, this will affect type 2,3 and 4. 


    "contact1":"08789 998778",
    "contact4":"01395 278878",
    "address1":"7 Eve St",
    "postCode":"OX7 7HG",
    "notes":"some notes",
    "considerations":"some considerations",
    "locations" : [
        { "locationRef":"dhsjsk21",
          "usageTypeId":"32" }

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