Working Area Types



When setting up working areas for teams and resources, it is possible to assign different priorities for coverage. These are split into primary, secondary, primary emergency, and secondary emergency. You can make use of these to properly structure your workforce to ensure full and efficient coverage of all working areas.

Working Area Definitions

Primary Working Area

The primary working area is the group of areas or districts for which the team or resource is best situated. This is what will be used when creating jobs or scheduling appointments. For example, if a job is raised against a site in the area "EX", it will be allocated to a team for which "EX" is a primary working area.

Secondary Working Area

The secondary working area is an optional group of areas or districts that can be covered by a team or resource, but which is not considered to be their primary area of coverage. Setting the secondary working area means that jobs raised against these areas will not be allocated to the team/resource directly, but it allows jobs to be allocated to teams using the "Modify Team/Supplier" button on a job when the primary team is unable to undertake the job. For resources, it can be used to allow scheduling appointments to those outside of their primary working area.

Primary Emergency

Primary emergency working areas work in conjunction with the "Priorities" feature in Oneserve. When set, if a job is raised as an emergency against that postcode it will automatically be allocated to the resource/team with the corresponding primary emergency working area set. This allows for greater flexibility when dealing with high-priority jobs

Secondary Emergency

Secondary emergency working areas are similar to primary emergency working areas, and so require priorities to be set up with emergency coverage. If a job is raised as an emergency, setting this working area will allow a team to become available under the "Modify Team/Supplier" button on the job. It will also show resources in the scheduler when the "Primary and Secondary" resource dropdown is set.