Job Creation and Appointments



Working areas work in conjunction with other Oneserve features to make managing your workforce easier. They are particularly useful in the easy allocation of jobs to the correct teams and resources, as well as in ensuring that appointments are allocated to the resource/team best suited for the job. Using working areas helps you to cut down on travel time and provide a more efficient service for your customers.


Job Creation

The "Create Job" process makes use of several checks to determine which team is best suited to carrying out the work involved. It checks the following:

  • Whether or not the team covers the service of the first allocated activity
  • Whether or not the team is active
  • Whether or not the team covers the postcode for the site address

By setting up working areas for your teams, you can make sure that jobs raised against sites in those areas go to the right teams by default.

Scheduling Appointments

Resources will be available for an appointment if all of the following criteria are met:

  • They cover all of the services assigned to the selected activities
  • They have available working hours at the specified appointment time
  • They cover the postcode for the site address

Postcode coverage for teams and resources can be managed in two ways:

  • Open the team or resource details page and enter the areas, districts, or full postcodes to be covered in the postcode coverage field manually
  • Set up a working area covering the desired areas or districts and assign it to the team or resource responsible for them
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