New Mobile: User Type Rights



In order to use certain features of the new mobile application, users will need to be given specific rights within Oneserve. This allows for granular control over the mobile experience offered to resources on mobile.

Van Stock

The stock module within Oneserve is optional. By using stock, you will have the option to use Van Stock on the mobile application. This will allow users to track their current stock levels and assign parts to jobs so you can view parts usage and assign the parts cost values to the job.

For users to access van stock, they will require the following user type right to be assigned:

  • Manage Parts on Mobile [PARMO]

This right will allow the "Van Stock" option to appear within the bottom menu of the application. The "Parts" tab within the appointment page will be accessible and the '+' menu will include the option to add a part to the job.



For the van stock to contain data, the resource will need to be linked to a store. This will need to be actioned within the desktop application.

  • Under the "Stock" dropdown menu select "Stores"
  • Click on the row for the store you would like the assign to a resource
  • The store details will appear on the right-hand side. In the "Resource" field, find the resource that needs to be assigned. A resource can only be linked to one store, so if that resource already has a store linked, their name will not appear in the dropdown menu
  • Save the changes you have made to the store
  • When the user logs in to the mobile application they will be able to review the parts within their store by selecting the "Van Stock" menu item

Mandatory Parts

If you would like users of the mobile application to be required to perform at least one stock-related action on every job, you can make parts mandatory by assigning the following user type right:

  • Mandatory Parts on Mobile [MPM]

To do this:

  • Open the admin menu from the desktop application
  • Select the "User Type Right" page under the "Users and Permissions" section
  • Select the user type to which your resource belongs in the first dropdown menu
  • In the second dropdown menu for user type rights, find the right called "Mandatory Parts on Mobile [MPM] and click on it
  • Changes will be saved automatically

Mobile Application

If the user type right has been assigned to the logged-in user they will have the option to add a part using the '+' icon, or to select "No Parts Required" under the "Parts" section.


Parts will be required before the appointment can be completed (using the tick icon), or marked as "Additional Appointment Required".

Desktop Application

If a user selects the "No Parts Required" option for the appointment it will assign a job event in the history tab. The code for this event is NOPAR.