Workflow Settings: Update Job Status from Mobile



The status of a Job can be updated in line with activity on the mobile application.  This is useful to keep track of the progress of a Job and removes the need for manual updates. 



  • Under the "View Priorities" option on the Workflow builder you will have the option to set "Start Job When Appointment Starts" and "Complete Job When Appointment Complete"



  • For this to work, you will need a transition from a pending status group (dark blue) to an in-progress job status group (orange). This transition will need to have a sequence of 1.
  • To complete the job, the in-progress job status (orange) needs to be linked to a complete job status (green). This will also need a sequence of 1.





  • When the mobile user starts and completes the job, it will execute the workflow transitions. Therefore, the mobile user type will require any rights you assign to the condition field.