New Mobile: Using Activities



The work tab on the mobile application will display the activities for the appointment. you can set the activities to be mandatory, which makes completing the activities a pre-requisite for completing the appointment. If the user cannot complete the activities, they need to use the 'Additional Appointment' option.


To make activities mandatory you will need to follow these steps in the desktop application:

  1. Open the admin menu
  2. Select the "Work Log Types" page from the "Jobs" section
  3. Click on the Work Log Type you would like to amend
  4. Use the radio button "Require completion of activities on mobile" to make the completion mandatory


On the mobile application, the user will see activities under the completion button and a red check mark will be applied to the "Activities" icon in the "To Do" section if there are outstanding activities. This will prompt the user to complete the activities before finishing the appointment or require the additional appointment button to be selected.