Make Signatures Mandatory



On Oneserve mobile you can capture the following:

  • Operative name
  • Operative signature
  • Customer name
  • Customer signature

Signatures are configured at a Work Type level which allows you to set different types of jobs to require different signatures. For example, if you are actioning routine work on a building with no contacts, you can enable the operative signature while leaving the customer signature blank.


Setting Up Signatures

To control the signature, do the following in the desktop application

  1. Open the admin menu
  2. Select the "Work Type" page under the "Jobs" section
  3. Click on the work type you would like to amend
  4. Click on the edit icon so you can make amendments
  5. Under the "Mobile Setting" section, you can select: Operative name, Operative signature, Customer name, Customer signature. If you are capturing the name, you should also enable the signature
  6. Save the changes to the work type


  • On the mobile application, the user will see signatures under the completion button if they haven't been captured as well as a red icon under the "To Do" list if the action is outstanding.


  • To add the signatures, the user will need to tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and select the signature option. In this screen, the operative name will default to the resource name attached to the logged-in user.



Viewing Signatures: Mobile

Once the signatures have been uploaded, they can be viewed on the mobile application by clicking on the three-dot menu on the "Summary" tab and selecting "View Signatures". A user will only be able to view signatures for appointments assigned to their mobile resource. Signatures will be no longer be viewable after the operative logs out of the application




Viewing Signatures: Desktop

Open the job on the desktop and navigate to the "Resources" tab. In the status column for the appointment, you will see "Signed" after the status. Clicking on the hyperlink will bring up the captured signatures.


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