New Mobile: Login Page



Logging in to the new Oneserve Mobile application is slightly different from logging in to our classic experience due to a new authentication backend.

Please note: If this is your first login on the new mobile app, you will need to perform a password reset before continuing. This is so a new password can be set for the user, as your previous password will not carry over.


You will be asked to enter you company name. This will be the name we have set for your Oneserve application and will form part of your Desktop URL. For example, if you access Oneserve on desktop at the following URL:

Your company name will be "ClientName".

Your username will be set against the user account on the desktop application. To check someone's username, do the following:

  1. Open the Admin Menu
  2. Select the "Users" page under the "Users & Permissions" section
  3. Search for your user and click on the row
  4. The username will be displayed in the box that appears on the right-hand side