Appointment Information



Oneserve mobile is focused primarily around the completion of appointment work and as such has many features included to make completing appointments efficient and easy.


Appointment Summary

The appointment summary is the landing page for the appointment. It includes notes, considerations, site information, and contact details along with any outstanding "To-Do" tasks.


Starting Appointment

The stopwatch in the menu page will be used to track resource working time whilst the operative is on site. Different time types can be created to specify what actions are being performed. The time record will be added to the "Resource" tab on the desktop application so it can be reported on for resource working time. Work time types are configured in the desktop application


The "Job Cost" tab can be populated if you are using a "Labour" or "Both" option for the costing method field on the Resource Account Screen. With this setting enabled, the app will use the hourly rate on the Resource Service/Rates tab. If this hasn't been populated, the app will fall back to the hourly rate on the Team Service/Rates tab. The service used for the calculation will be the Job Service.


Previous appointment notes and notes added to the appointment on the scheduler will be displayed. The application will not show scheduler notes for other appointments on the job.



This will show considerations for the job contact, site, and alternative contacts. This will ensure operatives can view important information before they arrive at the site.


Site & Contact

Selecting "Contact Details" will allow the operative to view other contact methods and considerations for the job contact:

  • Phone: if the contact has a phone number set, tapping the number will provide the option to call them
  • Email: if the contact has an email address set, tapping it will start composing an email with the recipient address populated
  • SMS: if the phone number has been set as an SMS number, the operative will be able to tap on a text message bubble to send a text message

Site Address

By clicking on the address from the summary screen, operatives can access the "Site Details" page. This will display the full address lines with a map view. The map view will only display if the site contains coordinates (latitude and longitude). If the site is missing coordinates, it will only display the site address information.

If you are not using our coordinate function but are interested in the benefits it can bring, please review the documentation on the help centre.


Additional Summary Actions

Under the three dots at the top of the summary page there are three options:

  • View Gallery
  • View Signatures
  • Additional Information


View Gallery

Images are added to jobs using the '+' icon. These images can be reviewed in the gallery.

Please note that users can only review these images. They will not be able to amend or delete them.


View Signatures

Signatures are added using the '+' icon in the bottom right of the application: one signature for the operative and one signature for the customer. These signatures can be reviewed on the signature view screen and, if required, can be cleared and recaptured.


Additional Information

The additional information page will display more information regarding the job, appointment, and site that is not present in the appointment summary tab.


To Do

The "To Do" section highlights mandatory actions for your appointment. The options in this list will depend on the configuration and settings applied in Oneserve and will display the status of these actions.

the items are colour-coded depending on their status:

  • Red: Item is in a pending state
  • Orange: Item is partially completed
  • Green: Item is completed

Tapping on an item will take the operative to the relevant tab or page:

  • Activities: If your Work Log Type has the flag enabled for activities they will appear in the To Do list. Tapping on this will open the Work Tab
  • Parts: A user type right will determine if an action under the part tab will be required, and whether the tab parts can be opened
  • Photos: A system setting can be set to require at least one photo to be taken against appointments. Tapping on this item will open the gallery page to view any photos assigned to the appointment
  • Signatures: Signatures are set up against the work type and can be configured for use in the mobile application. If signatures are outstanding, tapping this item will take the operative to the signature page to capture new signatures. If signatures have been captured, tapping this item will take the operative to a page to view or delete existing signatures
  • Surveys: If you have surveys assigned to a job and they contain mandatory questions, this will be displayed in the To DO list. Tapping on this will open a tab wherein surveys can be completed


Appointment Work

The work tab displays the Job Description and the activities assigned to the appointment. Unassigned job activities or activities against other appointments will not show on this page.

Tapping on the activity name/description allows the operative to edit or delete the activity from the appointment. Editing the activity will allow users to change the location, completed quantity, total quantity, or to add a note.

If assigned, activities will be grouped per location within the site.


Appointment Parts

The "Parts" tab displays any parts used during the appointment or allow operatives to state if no parts are required. This creates a job history event noting that no parts were required for the appointment.


By selecting the job icon, operatives can add used parts for the appointment. Once the required parts are selected, tapping the tick icon in the top right of the app will add them to the appointment.


Operatives will only see parts assigned to their van stock. By toggling the "Out of Stock Parts", operatives will also be able to view parts with a quantity of zero. If the part is out of stock or the value added reaches the total value of the stock quantity, operatives will be unable to adjust the quantity higher. This prevents operatives from entering a quantity higher than what is currently in their stock.


Surveys are split into two categories: "Before Work Starts" and "Anytime". This will be set against the survey settings when it is assigned to the work type on the desktop application.

"Before Work" surveys will need to be completed before an operative can commence work on the appointment.

Surveys can be configured to be per-appointment or one per job. The mobile application will show the surveys assigned to the current appointment and any additional job level surveys which are in a pending state. Once a job level survey has been completed it will be linked to the appointment.


Surveys will display with a red banner if they contain mandatory questions. Within a survey, these questions will be marked with a red banner to identify them as mandatory.

Appointment Plus Icon

Under the '+' icon, operatives will have the option to add the following:



Uploading a photo to the appointment can be achieved using a photo from the device gallery, or by launching the camera to take a new photo. The photo will be sent in the state in which it is captured; it will not be compressed to avoid losing any metadata included in the photo. Due to the size of the files, it may take a little bit of time for the photo to appear for the job on the desktop application.

Additional Appointment Required

If the appointment cannot be completed, the operative can mark it as "Additional Appointment Required". This can be actioned using the calendar icon in the menu header. If the mandatory photos or mandatory parts settings are enabled, operatives will need to complete these actions before they can use the additional appointment option.

Van Stock

If the operative has the PARMO right to access stock, they will have a "Van Stock" option in the bottom menu bar. This will allow the operative to view the parts assigned to their store.

If the operative hasn't been allocated a store, they will receive a popup notification to inform them that a store is missing and action is required by the system administrator. To rectify this:

  • Remove the PARMO right from the user type if the operative is not using stock through Oneserve


*Allocate a store by opening the "Stock" menu in the desktop application and selecting "Store".  Select the relevant store and assign the resource using the dropdown menu

The Van Stock page will display parts with a positive quantity by default, but the operative can also review out of stock parts by using the toggle at the top.

The filter button in the header menu allows users to filter their results using Part Categories.


Under the Part name and description, operatives can view the location. At the current time users are unable to set the location. This needs to be actioned in the desktop application by opening the store and viewing the parts record.


The Settings page will show the logged-in user and the Resource with which they are linked. The linked resource determines the appointment they receive.

This page will be used to sign out of the mobile application and to display helpful information about the application such as the application version.


Engineer Location & Map View

The mobile application has the ability to record engineer location information which will feed back to the desktop application to show the last seen location for mobile resources.

If you are interested in using this functionality, please discuss with your account manager or raise a support ticket so that we can arrange for the feature to be enabled. The setting is called "Engineer_Location" and is disabled by default.

The configuration to use this feature requires the Resource Location field to be enabled on the resource details page.


When the "Engineer_Location" setting has been activated for the Resource, the mobile user will be required to allow the application to use the device's location.


On the mobile application, the user will have access to a map icon at the top of the schedule screen. This will display the day's appointments on a map. The user will be able to select the different appointments for the day and see where they are located. Appointments are numbered so operatives can see the scheduled order.

If the "Engineer_Location" functionality has been enabled, the user will be able to see their current location using the yellow pin. This allows the user to see how far away the next appointment is.


In order for this to work, coordinate data will need to be set against the Site and Job details. If one of the appointments during the day does not have coordinates it will not show on the map, but the remaining sites will.

A message will be shown if a location cannot be found. Additionally, as appointments display a sequential number, users will be able to see at a glance if an appointment is missing.