Configure 'Appointment Resolution Notes' on Mobile



Users can add notes to appointments using the mobile application. These will be added to the appointment record under the "Resource" tab in the job view on the desktop application. There is an additional Work Type setting that will allow appointment notes to be added to the work description on the job detail page.



Enabling the Setting

To enable this setting, follow these steps in the desktop application

  1. Open the admin menu
  2. Select the "Work Type" page in the "Jobs" section
  3. Click on the work type you would like to amend
  4. Click on the edit icon to make amendments
  5. Under the "Mobile Setting" section, use the radio button to enable the "Add appointment resolution notes to job" setting
  6. Save the changes for the work type


Adding Notes on Mobile

  • On the mobile application, navigate to the job in question and go to the "Summary" tab. 



  • Under the appointment, tap on the "Notes" link to open up the notes editor.


  • After entering then note details, tap on the tick icon in the top right of the screen to save the text.


Viewing Notes on the Desktop

After the appointment has been completed on the mobile application, the appointment notes will be added to the "Work Description" field under the "Job Details" tab.

If multiple appointments have been completed on the same job, they will appear on separate lines with the name fo the resource who added each note.