Configure 'Working Time Types' for Mobile



In order to keep track of operatives' working time, Oneserve mobile makes use of Oneserve's easily customisable working time type setup.



Setting up Working Time Types

Before working times can be accessed on Oneserve mobile, they first need to be set up on the desktop application by going to the admin panel and navigating to "Work Time Types" in the "Financial" section. The following settings can be set against each:

  • Productive: This should be set to True
  • Start Appt Work: Enabling this setting requires the survey to be completed before starting the appointment
  • Available When Appt In Progress: Allows the survey to be filled out while an appointment is still in progress, rather than at the start or end of an appointment



Working Time Types on Mobile

To start the appointment, the user will need to select the timer icon and then select an option from the drop-down menu. This will track the time spent on that particular work time type and add it to the "Resources" tab in the job. The options from this timer are taken directly from the Work Time Types section in the desktop application.



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