Appointment List



The Oneserve mobile application presents all appointments in an ordered and detailed layout, offering an efficient mobile workflow for operatives on-the-go.

Appointment List

Appointment Order

Appointments are grouped by date and displayed in time order. You can scroll across the screen to move the date forward or back a day. The calendar icon in the top right will let you select the date.

Appointment Card

On the appointment card operatives will be able to see the status of the appointment highlighted next to the appointment time. These will be "Pending", "Working", "Complete", or "Paused".


  • The contact will display the name of the job contact and not the site's preferred contact
  • The phone icon will allow the operative to call the job contact's preferred number
  • The direction button will let you launch Google Maps or Apple Maps with the site's address if you have coordinates present


Operatives can refresh their schedule, updating the appointment list and any existing appointment information. This is achieved by swiping down on the screen when in the schedule view as shown below.


Date Selection

Operatives can scroll across the appointment list page to change the date or use the calendar option in the top corner


Overdue Appointments

When the mobile user logs into the application and they have overdue appointments, they will have a pop-up to notify them of this and the option to view these overdue appointments. This will remind the user to complete their outstanding work.


This page will show appointments with an "in progress" status but which fall outside of the past and future display date range