New Mobile: Engineer Location FAQs



Q: How far do you need to move with the mobile to capture a new location?

A: The mobile user would need to move around 10 meters from their previously recorded location in order for the new coordinates to be captured

Q: How frequently are the coordinates captured by the mobile application and synced with the Desktop Route View?

A: The mobile application will record the location of an engineer every 2 minutes. If there is a location change of around 10 meters, you will see the new location on the Desktop Route View page. If there hasn't been a location change over 10 meters, the previously recorded point will be displayed

Q: What resource location can I view on the Route View?

A: Only the last known location per resource will be displayed on the Route View page with a timestamp to show when the location was captured

Q: How long will the "Last Seen" mark show on the Desktop Route View page?

A: A "Last Seen" mark will show if it has been captured on the same day. This could be a couple of minutes or even hours old. This caters for resources who are at the same site all day and haven't moved since their arrival

Q: Will the "Last Seen" mark display on any day for the Route View page?

A: The Route View page will only show "Last Seen" markers for the current day. You will not see the markers on past or future days

Q: If you are offline, will the application send all points or the last value when connection is restored?

A: If an operative is offline, the location coordinates will be captured by the application. However, only the most recent record will be kept