Site Warnings


Site Warnings is a feature that enables you to label sites in Oneserve. These warnings will display on the Site, Job, Create Job Page, and Mobile App.

Create & Manage Site Warnings

Site Warnings can be created from the Warnings section in your settings.


Clicking Warnings will display a list of all active warnings. You can create, edit and disable Site Warnings from here.


Create a new Warning

Click + to create a new Warning.


Field Description
Name Give the Warning a name, this is what will be initially displayed wherever this Site Warning is visible
Description Add more detail to the Warning, this text will show whenever you hover over the Warning.
Colour Choose a colour for the warning
Display before work starts Mobile App - This setting means that the Warning will display whenever a mobile app user is about to start a job connected to a site with this warning.
Sensitive Information Mobile App - If a Warning is potentially sensitive, the warning name will be initially hidden from the mobile app user
Enabled Determine whether the Warning can be assigned to sites.


Click Create when you have entered the relevant information. You can edit warnings at any time.

Edit a Warning

To edit a Warning, double-click on it to open the edit page


You can change all of the information for a Warning from here. Click Update to save any changes you have made.

Please Note: You cannot disable a Warning if it is currently assigned to an active site.

Add Site Warnings to Sites

Warnings can be added to sites from the Edit Site page. Open any site and click Modify to add at least one Site Warning.


View Site Warnings

Once a Warnings have been added to a Site, they will display in Site alerts, Job alerts for jobs at that site, from the Job Create page, and in the Job and Site Views.


You can hover over each Warning to view the description


Group Sites by Warnings

You can now filter by Site Warning in your views


You can select as many Warnings as are required in the filter


You can also add Site Warnings as a column on your views


The column will display all Site Warnings


Site Warnings on Mobile

When an operative starts working on an appointment with Site Warnings with 'Before Work Starts' set to True, a message will appear saying there are Site Warnings that need to be read. Clicking View will take you to the Considerations page which now displays Site Warnings.


The description can be expanded if it is not all displayed automatically. A mobile user can check the warnings at any time from the Considerations page.