Release Notes - September 2020


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September/ October 2020


New features:


Site warnings and instructions


You can now add warnings and instructions to Sites so that they will be visible on any jobs logged against those Sites. This new functionality will enable you to clearly mark, categorise and manage your Sites depending on their warnings. 

Site Warnings will work alongside existing considerations and SQL alerts (if used), and can also be linked with any other alerts imported from external site management systems such as Housing Management Systems (if used). 

Site Warnings will now be visible on Views, when creating a job, and via the Mobile App as a mandatory pop up to ensure your whole team has easy access to this important information.

Site Warnings are created from the Warnings section in Settings and they can be managed manually per site from the Site page or via API.

You can see the Site Warnings documentation here.


View Enhancements

We have delivered the following enhanced functionality to overcome the current limitations of the data you can access and search by when creating Views.

Site Group search filter

Site Group has been added as a search filter and a column on Job search.


Search by Contact reference

Contact reference has been added as a search filter to enable Jobs and Sites to be searched for by Contact reference.


Search and filter by Site Warnings

You can also now search by the new Site Warning functionality.


Fuzzy search

To speed up the process of finding the required search filter you can now start typing the filter name to display a list of all the search filters which include the term you have entered.


Apply colours when displaying Views

A range of different colours can now be applied to Views to highlight them and bring them to a user’s attention.



Upgraded Site page

You told us that you found the Site page difficult to use so we have created a new, more user-friendly Site page to give you greater flexibility when creating and editing Sites. Improved page layout and styling means your data is now more accessible and mandatory fields are now more clearly marked.

A new suite of APIs to improve the stability of managing high volumes of surveys on the Mobile App

Some client-partners had reported experiencing issues with the Mobile App whilst downloading a significant number of surveys or assets. The new suite of APIs have been delivered to improve the stability of the Mobile App when handling high volumes of surveys.


Point of Interest name

The Point of Interest name was not displaying on a Job when this had been selected. Now the Point of Interest name is correctly displaying in the Site section within Job details.


Points of Interest map

A Site location was not clearly identifiable on the Points of Interest map. The map views on Site and Job details have now been changed to our preferred supplier HERE maps to enable you to clearly see where the Site location is in reference to Points of Interest.


Site and Job details maps

The map views on Site and Job details have been switched to our preferred provider, HERE maps.


Security improvement

The security around the forgotten password functionality has been further strengthened.


Bug Fixes

Issue: Using single quotation marks within a Point of Interest name was breaking the map display.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and single quotation marks can now be used in a Point of Interest name.


Issue: Bulk Update stability issues

Resolution: The bulk update button on the Job Search page is now only enabled when there are 2,000 or fewer results and the query that is used to fetch the IDs also sets the rows in the query to 2,000 to ensure the stability of this function.


Issue: Invalid OQL query being generated

Resolution: The parsing of the clientRef and jobCostInvoiceNumber from the OQL query have been corrected. As the fields are free text and not exact match, they should only allow the ~ and !~ operators. The invalid OQL query will now be marked as invalid in the advanced view and this will be correctly converted between basic and advanced where valid.


Issue: Point of Interest ‘home’ icon and map marker display issues 

Resolution: When editing a Point of Interest, the ‘home’ icon was being displayed at the previously set Point of Interest. This has been resolved along with the display of map markers which were being cut off in the viewport. By default, the Point of Interest list page will now centre the map on the site location and the Point of Interest add/edit page will centre the map on the Point of Interest.


Issue: Using the Job Create page to create a new Site failed. 

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and you can now use the Job Create page to create a new Site as expected.

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