Debug Section


New Mobile - Debug Section

The Debug section on the mobile app gives more insight in to what the app is doing and can provide valuable information if the app is not behaving as expected.

Activate the Debug section

You can access the debug section for the first time by rapidly pressing on the Settings icon 10 times. Once successful, you will see the Debug icon display at the bottom of the screen and see the following message.


Press the Debug icon to open the Debug section


Console Logs

The Console Logs show information on actions being performed in the background of the app, including any failures. Press on the Console Logs option to open them.


If you are having issues with the app, we recommend you open the console logs and take a screenshot of this page. This will provide Oneserve Support with relevant information to help identify the issue that you are experiencing.

Deactivating the Debug section

If you have activated the debug section and no longer want to see it. You can deactivate the section from the Developer Settings menu on the Settings page.


Clicking Developer Settings will show the following option:


From here, press the switch to deactivate the debug section. You can reactivate it at any time from the developer settings.