Supported Operating Systems & Hardware


Supported Platforms

The Oneserve Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android platforms and can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'Oneserve Mobile'.  



Operating System Versions

To focus on delivering a secure and positive user experience, Oneserve keeps the list of fully supported mobile operating systems short.  For the best and most secure experience we actively support and encourage the use of the most recent stable versions of the following mobile operating systems:


  • Android 12


  • iOS 15

Although the Oneserve App can be installed on earlier versions of Android and iOS we only actively support the current two previous major OS versions.



Please Note:  The Oneserve application may run on earlier operating system versions, however these versions are not actively supported by Oneserve. Users may encounter issues and some features may not be available. We recommend upgrading OS versions when available and upgrading hardware as devices age.  



Hardware Recommendations

The Oneserve Mobile App will work on the latest consumer Android Tablets, Android Phones, iPads or iPhones that are able to run the supported operating system versions listed above.

Purchasing Considerations 

When purchasing or updating your mobile devices we recommend that you try to get the highest specification device that your budget will allow. This will provide the following benefits in the longer term:

  • Enhanced speed, performance and security
  • Support the latest functionality and features
  • Provide increased longevity of the hardware purchase


Device Recommendations - Hints & Tips

Whilst we do not endorse or recommend specific manufactures or operating systems, we can offer the following advice and guidance if you are considering the purchase of new devices: 

  • Devices should run the latest mobile operating system
  • Provide a decent amount of storage memory
  • Higher levels of RAM and a higher spec chip will result in improved speed and performance
  • Consider if the screen size or format of the device is important for your staff
  • Will your team's operate in rugged conditions - specific waterproof and shockproof ruggedise devices may be beneficial and worth taking into consideration

Please Note: As the market changes so frequently, we do not publish a list of recommended devices however we are happy to be consulted and offer advice before making any hardware purchases. Many providers will give you the option of trialling a device or range of devices before making a commitment.