User Migration & Onboarding



In order to start working with and migrating user to the new mobile application, we recommend following a staged approach to minimise impact and disruption on your operations. 


Phase 1: Internal testing and awareness 

Before looking to migrate or onboard users to the new mobile application, we first recommend that you download and login into the mobile app yourself to understand the process involved and to consider if this has any implications for your organisation. For example: 

  • Do all operatives have access to an iOS or Android device? 
  • Do they have permissions to download Apps from the App Store?
  • Do all operatives know how to do this? 

We recommend you login into the mobile app and complete a number of 'dummy jobs' to get familiar with the user experience and functions of the new mobile application. Testing can be completed against your test site (if applicable) or in your live application depending on your preference. The Oneserve team are available to help and support you with any questions or issues or to walk through a demo if this is required.

The article on 'Getting Started' will explain the steps you need to follow to download and login to the new mobile app.


Phase 2: Onboard a group of users

Once you are comfortable with using the new mobile app, we recommend onboarding a small number of users to trail the app and complete work in the field.

This will help identify any specific training needs or questions ahead of a wider rollout and migration of your field teams.  Please note, users will still be able to revert to using the classic mobile app during this period if they run into issues. 

There are a number of different configurations options and setting available for the new mobile app that you may want to explore prior to onboarding users.  Information on these can be found in the 'Oneserve Mobile App' section of our Help Centre. 


Phase 3: Continued rollout 

Once you are comfortable the first group of users have settled into using the mobile app, we recommend a gradual roll-out of the mobile app to more teams to further minimise any disruption.  


Need Help? 

As always, the Oneserve team will be on hand to help and support you with any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to reach out to use at any time by contacting our support or client success teams.