Release Notes - December 2020


Everything you need to know about your latest software upgrade 

November/December 2020


New Feature

In-App notifications


Oneserve will now send notifications to desktop app users to alert them to important updates such as new features and functionality, known live issues and other critical information.

We’re constantly working on and releasing new features and improvements and we’re keen to ensure that all users are aware of the changes that can benefit them. These updates are currently sent to a subsection of users by email but through displaying new notifications on the desktop app we hope these will be more clearly visible. A counter will be displayed to advise how many new notifications the user has and once this has been clicked and the new notifications have been read, the counter will disappear. Our aim is to keep you better informed without being too intrusive.



Upgraded Contacts Page

You told us that the Contact page was clunky and difficult to use so we have update the contact view, create and edit pages as well as the modify job contact page to match the behaviour and look and feel of other pages. The different Contact pages are now consistent with each other and as such, should be much easier to use.


Updated Help Popovers on Priorities Page

You reported that Help Popovers were not providing the correct information on the Priorities page. We have now updated the Help texts associated with this page and the Popovers now show valid information about the fields on this page.



Bug Fixes

Issue: Priorities List Page true/false columns were not coloured correctly.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and the true/false columns on this page now display in the correct colour.


Issue: Enhanced Surveys containing special characters would not save.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed enabling Enhanced Surveys containing special characters to now be saved.


Issue: Editing a Site without a latitude/longitude source would generate an error.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed so that Sites without a latitude/longitude source can now be edited successfully.


Issue: The Preferred Contact was being removed when a job was created through QJC.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed so that the Preferred Contact remains when a job is created through QJC.


Issue: When a contact was modified through the QJC page the Preferred Contact form wasn’t updated.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and the Preferred Contact form is now updated when a contact is modified through the QJC page.


Issue: Selecting an xdoc template on a notification would prevent letter batches from being processed.

Resolution: The template dropdown will now show the file extension of the template.


Issue: Adding attributes to a work type was generating thousands of DB calls and blocking the application.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and attributes can now be added to a work type successfully.


Issue: Site Groups retaining default name when a Client was renamed 

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and Site Groups are now renamed when the client is renamed.