Removing Assets



It's easy for engineers to remove assets from appointments when required. This feature allows you to dynamically update your catalogue of serviceable assets as you complete work in the field.



  • Within the surveys tab of an appointment, click on the 'Asset List' button at the top of the page



  • This will take you a view of all the assets related to this appointment, grouped by survey


  • Select the required Asset to open the 'Edit Asset' page.  From here the user can update details of the asset or by clicking on the ellipsis icon at the top of the page they will be presented with the option to 'Remove' the asset or 'Return to Stock'. 



  • If the user selects to remove the asset, a 'Removed' label will be displayed against the asset both within the asset list and survey list pages. The user can click on the ellipsis icon again to restore the asset if they realise this asset survey is still required. 


  • Once removed the user will not be able to complete the surveys for this asset. When all surveys within this group are completed and the relevant asset updates will be made in the Oneserve application for office-based users.


Types of Asset Removal 

Remove: When selecting this option, the asset status will be marked as deleted. It will still remain linked to the Site in Oneserve but will not be visible to desktop users or added to future appointments on the mobile application. Users can opt to show deleted assets within the desktop application if required.   

Return to Stock: The 'Return to Stock' option will remove the assets link to the Site but will leave the status as Active. The asset can no longer be viewed in the Oneserve desktop application.